Marc Sparks is Someone for Young Entrepreneurs to Look up To

Marc Sparks is as versatile as any businessman we’ve ever seen. Able to adapt and evolve to deal with the constant changes that take place in the industry. Sparks has had a direct hand in the creation of several different types of companies. Because of this, he has been called a serial entrepreneur. In early 2015 Sparks relocated the main offices of his company Timber Creek Capital, LP, convinced that its past setting was holding the startup back.

True to his entrepreneurial roots, Sparks founded Timber Creek as a tool to help up and coming entrepreneurs achieve their goal of building a successful business. Sparks has forgotten more about business than a lot of individuals will ever know. Which is easy to believe considering he has more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur.

Sparks believes everyone should have a chance to build their own company and is willing to help aspiring young entrepreneurs in any way he can. Whether its giving them knowledge or contributing funds to their startup, Sparks is all for it.

As someone who started multiple companies, Sparks knows that it takes several different things to make a business succeed. People often overlook how important a work environment is. An aesthetically pleasing work environment can have a huge impact on whether your business thrives or fails. A quality work area makes employees more productive, which in turn makes the company’s success more conducive. Sparks knows this as well as anyone and refuses to cut corners when it comes to the subject.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is one of the most successful businessmen alive today. Sparks is the founder and CEO of the Dallas based private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP. He has founded numerous companies in his 35 year career as an entrepreneur.

Sparks has also branched out into other endeavors besides business, starting a career as an author and a philanthropist. His book They Can’t Eat You, explains in detail his pitfalls, and how he overcame them and became a success. Sparks helps construct affordable housing for financially stresses families through his philanthropies with Habitat for Humanity .

The Brazilian Law

Brazilian legal system has a close resemblance to the US legal system. The laws apply to Brazilian citizens and people from other countries. For instance, a foreigner found guilty in the country will be subjected to the punishments stated in the country’s constitution. Foreign couples are also subjected to the country’s laws that govern divorce and child custody. Divorce cases are often subject to backlogs in Brazilian courts. The proceedings may also take time.

Brazil’s civil lawsuits are controlled by civil codes rather than the conventional laws. Common civil lawsuits include failure to honor intellectual properties and breach of contracts. The country has recorded the highest number of commercial litigation compared to countries like the United States. The Brazilian legal system is not complete without mentioning that it has the highest number of law schools in the world. The country also commands a large share of lawyers in the world.

Brilliant Lawyers in Brazil

Brazil has highly trained and brilliant lawyers. One of them is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is a prominent lawyer and a strategist in Brazilian legal system. Ricardo has vast experience in legal practice spanning over 30 years. He started his legal career in a small firm in the outskirts of Sau Paulo. He worked his way from the bottom to the top as a litigation lawyer. Ricardo Tosto currently owns one of the largest legal litigation firms in Brazil.

Ricardo has an impressive track record as a lawyer and a leader. He has handled several high–profile litigation featuring Brazilian companies and international corporations. He has even provided legal solutions to the Brazilian government. He is a popular figure among politicians and high net worth individuals in the country because of his exemplary work.

Ricardo was one of the founding members of a movement that wanted to adopt several mechanisms designed to improve the country’s legal system. He graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a degree in Law. Ricardo continues to hit the headlines for positive reasons. He has mentored many lawyers in his firm. Many young people who are aspiring to be lawyers look up to him for inspiration and guidance.

Martin Lustgartens History And Future

When it comes to finances, there are many people who go through a constant struggle to get things under control. A good idea for people like this is to find a good mentor who can help them make the right decisions. This is where Martin Lustgarten comes in, who happens to be a top investment banker in the industry. He has spent much of his time mentoring others and helping them achieve their goals in business and finances. This is because he has the experience and knows the proper steps to take to find success. He is capable of working with nearly all clients, offering them information in a form they understand it best, even when it comes down to the most complicated theories and strategies. There is no doubt Martin is one of the best to work with for anyone wanted to take their life to the next level.

Martin Lustgarten knew from a very young age that he had a knack for thinking business. He was always able to easily work out the math and long term decisions for business. With the track record he has behind him, he is a great example of how to do things properly, as there are few others that are capable of future investing in the way he does. This is why he mostly advocates for long term investment options, rather then short term ones. He’d rather not get caught up in the daily movement of the market. While it’s good to know whats happening, its not so good to over analyse without making decisions.

Martin Lustgarten’s plan for the future is to build up his company further in order to impact more people and help them improve themselves. With his knowledge, Martin knows how to help anyone change their financial situation for the better, no matter how much they are struggling, whether it be in investments or maintaining a business.

Better, Healthier Sleep Thanks to Avi Weisfogel

Sleep apnea affects millions of people and is often undiagnosed. Sleep apnea can be debilitating, leaving sufferers fatigued and prone to other severe illness. It has been linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. For this reason, there is an urgent need to offer relief to those struggling with sleep apnea.

Avi Weisfogel Pioneers A Solution

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been at the forefront of working on a solution for sleep apnea. Traditional treatments are cumbersome and uncomfortable, often creating a barrier to getting help.

Weisfogel has an accomplished history of treating and developing treatments for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. His first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, was established in 1999, and he has earned recognition over the years both in and out of his practice, including Best Dentist on multiple occasions.

In 2014, he established Dental Sleep Masters, using his combined expertise in dentistry and sleep disorders to facilitate further research and strategies to help dentists and physicians help patients with sleep apnea.

This work has given way to new tools that help patients breath better. Upper airway stimulation was approved by the FDA in 2014 and many patients have been able to take advantage of this method of treatment.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University, as well as his DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He continues to dedicate himself to researching and developing better ways to identify and treat patients suffering from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.

Lime Crime’s Zaniest Lipstick Shades and How You Can Wear Them

It is more than likely that you have heard of the makeup company, Lime Crime, but you might not know about the plethora of lipstick shades that the company offers. Being a lipstick lover myself, I am often amazed at just how diverse a cosmetic line can get with their colors, but Lime Crime truly blows me away in terms of their creativity and fearlessness when it comes to crafting some of the boldest shades that I have ever seen. By offering affordable prices, Lime Crime continuously demonstrates just how much they love their fans and that everything they do is to satisfy their followers. Besides the sweetness of Cashmere and the loveliness of True Love, Celia Leslie’s video showed dozens of Lime Crime’s whackiest shades.

Teddy Bear

This purple color has brown undertones that result in a bold shade that some would say is too much for their daily attire. However, toning down the other makeup will allow this shade to be as vibrant as it is without making you the complete center of attention. I would wear this with light eyeshadow and liner, a dressy, flowy blouse and either a skirt or nice slacks.


This is a very purple shade of lipstick and is fairly intimidating to some makeup wearers. Though this shade is incredibly bold, it can appropriately be worn with other bold cosmetics. Consider a dark, smoky eye with smudged liner with this lipstick, and wear an equally vibrant top with jeans. I would break up the fierceness with a white or black scarf.


Believe it or not, this lipstick is gray. I would tone down my other makeup when wearing this lipstick and probably only wear some mascara or light liner.


Yes, you can wear teal lipstick and still look great. I would keep the rest of my makeup strong by going heavy with the eyeliner and false lashes. I would keep my outfit simple and dark by incorporating plenty of black, navy, and gray. Darkness is key when wearing this shade and the result will be perfectly striking.  Be sure to follow Lime Crime themselves on Tumblr for more ideas on what you can do to make a difference with your look.

The Super Rich Care About Important Charities

Autism Rocks is a fundraising charity started by Sanjay Shah and his wife, Usha. The couple’s aim is to raise awareness and funds for research, all about autism. Their son, Nikhil, was recently diagnosed as being autistic. Shah, the famed entrepreneur and finance guru was once quite interested in the music business. And, it was after a surprise, unplanned, and totally fun filled visit with music superstar, Snoop Dogg, to his home in Dubai that he chose to get back into the world music scene in a big way. Their hope is to not only help their own family, but the families of so many others who are going through the same challenges, because of an autistic family member.

Private concerts have raised a total of $15 million for Autism Rocks. Concerts were performed in London and Dubai by many huge acts in the rock music business. Drake, Michael Bublè, Prince, and Lenny Kravitz have all performed. Big name DJs were on hand, as well, including Fever and BFG. In April, 2016, the Shahs threw a huge family fun festival, to benefit Autism Rocks. Performing at the festival were Tyga and Flo Rida. The audiences were ecstatic.

Autism Rocks is now doing both the adult rock concerts and also more all-ages parties and festivals. Making a festival makes the fundraising more of a general event. At the last festival the Sanjay Shah Denmark made sure every fun base was covered. There was face painting, a petting zoo, laser tag, a great zip line to slide down, and the food. The food was actually a BBQ feast of epic proportions.

Some of the profit from these concerts and festivals goes to put on more big-name private rock concerts and more all-ages festivals. But, most of the money goes to a research program at Cambridge University. Their goal is to discover root causes of autism, better and more effective treatment methodologies, and ways to better communicate with non-verbal autistic people. Sanjay Shah had previously announced that he had retired from business and finance. If this is retirement, who knows what the future holds for him and his family.

Susan McGalla discusses business and gender

The business leader Susan McGalla has spent a large amount of time discussing the issue of gender and equality in the workplace as she is one of the best suited to explain how these issues affect women on a day to day basis. After spending a number of years at American Eagle, McGalla is now working as a freelance brand director with her own company, P3 Executive Consulting. There are many areas where McGalla feels the issue of gender can be expressed in a forthright and impressive manner, but in her dealings with other businesspeople the expert in marketing and brands now feels taking positive action is the best option.

Susan McGalla has lived the majority of her life in a male dominated arena, which stretches back to her childhood with brothers and a football coach father. Instead of using this background as a reason for failure the former buyer at American Eagle has taken the approach that she was given the chance to achieve whatever she wished by a family who did not adjust to different genders. McGalla feels her childhood and family life has been a good preparation for life in the male dominated retail industry where she feels the encouragement of women to enter the workplace has been a positive note. However, McGalla also believes the popular language on and issues brought up by those hoping to encourage more women to feature in the retail industry can often be lost in the language used to express the need for more positive role models.

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Susan P. McGalla: Executive Profile & Biography

When Susan McGalla Speaks You Have To Listen

McGalla believes a large number of speakers and experts in this area are using political terminology that can alienate the majority of younger women looking firm action and positive stories. Instead of sticking with a party line or using the popular buzzwords of the day, McGalla believes the best opportunity for encouraging more women in the workplace is to speak realistically and from the heart. McGalla’s own story of rising from a position as a regional buyer with American Eagle to a marketing executive with the company can be used to reveal the possibilities that do exist in the retail industry for women in the 21st century.

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Consult the Laidlaw for Investment Advice

Stakeholders of any organization are the pillars to its success, as is with Laidlaw & Company. For the venture to be successful, it not only takes the efforts of the founders but that of the management, the employees, suppliers and clients as well. This necessitates good relationship between all principal role players. Customers’ satisfaction is also contributing a greater percentage of its success. This is because a satisfied client will go and tell others about the services offered and others will seek the services or buy the product.

Courts are not appropriate places for customers. Be sure it’s the last thing you result to if all other measures fail. However, enhancing proper customer relations will keep you off the corridors of justice and keep you soaring higher and higher, even though the courtrooms are hard to avoid in some instances. The Laidlaw Company and its core principles, Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, received a temporary restraining order due to the dissemination of false information.

Laidlaw Company is an investment bank, well known over the years since its establishment. It has acquired adequate clients over the years due to its reputation and success on all the investments they had undertaken as an investment bank and the success of their clients’ investments as well. On presentation of your case, the experts’ advice on the viability of the investment you want to undertake, extensively review it and give appropriate advice. However, for those that only want to invest yet don’t know where exactly to do so, they lay options down for you and you evaluate them together.

One fall doesn’t mean you remain on the fall, get up dust yourself and stand tall once again. Give credit where due, neither should you stop having faith in any person judging them from a fall they made. Consult the Laidlaw professionals for the best deals in investment.

Makari de Suisse Offers Top of the Line Skin Whitening Products

Makari de Suisse offers a line of beauty products that cater the needs of women and men of color. Men and women with darker skin tones had be overlooked for many years. Makari recognized the need and now they fill the void. They have created many skincare, hair care, cosmetics and more for this market.

Their products are made with natural ingredients. They include things like Aragan Oil, Carrot Oil, and Caviar. These ingredients add hydration and nourishment to skin and hair. Their skincare products are designed to reduce dark spots, stretch marks and help to achieve a smooth, even skin tone.

One of the major benefits of Makari products is they are manufactured with Organiclarine, which is the most effective skin lightening creams on the market. The product helps alleviate acne marks, sun patches, and dark spots. With continued use this body milk will help to smooth out your skin tone and leave it looking terrific. Using the body milk three times a week, will give the best results. Do not exceed three times per week.

Makari de Suisse offers Body Whitening Milk that is 100 percent hydroquinone free. Their body milk is extremely hydrating, and it helps smooth the complexion while reducing pigmented marks and skin discoloration. Your skin will be soft and healthy looking. This is one of Makari’s top selling products. In addition to the body milk, try their clarifying and whitening soap. It cleanses, brightens and tones the skin. It contains ingredients to lighten and protect the skin.

Dick DeVos’s Family Donates to the Victims of the Gay Bar Shooting

Dick DeVos is the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation, Richard DeVos. Amway is a conglomerate network that distributes its personal care, households, and health products through a series of dealers, who in turn, employ second-level and third-level dealers to distribute the products down to the final consumer.


Dick DeVos career began at Amway Corporation where he held various positions mainly in the operating department. After a few years, he was promoted to Vice President as the company diversified its operation in 18 countries. The move to become the vice president was to allow him to gain operational experience outside the family-owned firm. In 1989, Dick DeVos left Amway to establish his own business venture, The Windquest Group. The company manufactured, marketed and sold closet and storage organizers.


Two years later, Richard appointed him to manage the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic Basketball Franchise, which was earlier purchased by the family. While he did that, Richard took over the management operations of his company.


Later in 1993, he went back to Amway Corporation, succeeding his retiring father as the President of the company. At Amway, he oversaw a series of restructuring, established an umbrella firm and expanded the company’s operation to more than 50 countries in 6 continents.


At some point, Dick DeVos decided to quit as the President of Amway, to concentrate on his private venture, Windquest as well as support relevant political causes. In the process of supporting political ideas, Dick DeVos decided to run for governor’s position in the state of Michigan. The decision to enter politics was strategic as he was considered the richest man in Michigan. He, therefore, bankrolled his pursuit for the governorship, spending more than $40 million of his personal money for the campaign.


Dick DeVos is also a supporter of philanthropic causes. Recently, he and his professional basketball club, Orlando Magic donated $500,000 to help the families of victims of the mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub. According to reports by, his family contributed $400,000 while Orlando Magic gave $100,000 to help families impacted by the death of 49 people inside the gay bar.


Dick DeVos is married to Betsie, the daughter of Edgar Prince, the owner and President of Prince Corporation based in Holland. Together, they have four children, named Andrea, Rick, Ryan, and Elissa.