Purina PetCare and Some Interesting News

Purina PetCare and Some Interesting News

Your Pooch has Spoken
This it true. Your pooch or your dog has been heard by Purina PetCare. The dog owners have been the voice of their beloved pets through a current survey. The American dog owners have been heard by Beneful on Purina news on newscenter. The survey has clearly shown that your pooch is your number one priority and you are number one to your dog too. This survey has shown the strong bond that a dog and their owner has. It has been discovered that your dog has a very powerful connection to you. This bond cannot be broken.

The Survey Says
The survey that was conducted revealed many interesting items about you and your dog. The following items might be of interest to every dog owner. This includes:
* 96 percent of the dog owners agree that their own dog is a family member
* 58 percent believe that their dog can communicate with them
* the survey also discovered that every dog has a favorite activity that they enjoy with their owner
* most owners hold the belief that their dog is the one who knows them better than any person

National Dog Week was Celebrated by Purina Beneful
Purina had a grand celebration for National Dog Week. This company does take the time to find out what satisfies your dog. This is accomplished through the survey aspect. National Dog week was a week long celebration from September 21 through September 27. Purina made it a special point to find out as much information about your dog. This is a company that believes completely that your dog is worth celebrating. The purpose of National Dog Week is also to promote responsibility for every pet owner. Purina PetCare is proud to do their part in ensuring that every dog is given the proper care and is fully celebrated.

Purina PetCare and Meals
Purina knows that every dog loves their meals. It is highly important that your dog receives the proper nutrients in their diet. It is Purina who will ensure that every dog is happy and healthy. Healthy meals will lead to a dog that is full of energy. Your dog can have a beautiful coat that glistens with the right nutrients. Purina PetCare is a trusted company that has the experience and the qualifications to provide every dog with healthy meals.

Press Release Information On Website
The Purina website would like every dog owner to be fully informed and completely up-to-date in regards o all current news. The Purina website has a press release area. This is the area on the website and it will keep you informed of the latest Purina PetCare news. You have an open invitation to browse through this area at your leisure.

Sergio Cortes- A Glance Into His Impersonating Career And Personal Life

Sergio Cortes- A Glance Into His Impersonating Career And Personal Life

The legendary dance moves, unique high pitched voice, flashy attire and signature hair style all come together to create the most impressive Michael Jackson impersonator of all time- Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes was born in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. Cortes has been a very big fan of Michael Jackson far before he became an impersonator, which has helped guide him along the way to be a much more realistic one. As a young teenager, Sergio began to slowly change his appearance, including a Micheal Jackson inspired hair style and attire, to look more similar to his biggest fan- Michael Jackson. He even changed his voice to sound like him at times. Today, Sergio has Michael Jackson’s original dance moves down perfectly, his attire is spot on, his hair is identical to the legendary singer and his Michael Jackson voice has improved greatly. Although Cortes still isn’t the world famous legend himself, he has became the talk of the town and very much loved by millions of both Michael Jackson and Sergio Cortes fans.

Sergio Cortes always makes sure he give thanks and shows love to his fans on webcam footage between shows and appearances as a Michael Jackson impersonator, but aside from his career, Sergio enjoys being surrounded with his small close circle of friends, spending time with his Yorkie dog- Zaffy- and collecting dolls and action figures. As much as he admires Michael Jackson and impersonates him impressively on stage, Cortes’s personality is actually very different when he’s being himself. Sergio Cortes loves his fans but also enjoys the pleasures of having a private less-dramatic life of his own aside from his Michael Jackson very successful impersonating career. It’s a given Cortes enjoys music, but you may be surprised to know in his own time he listens to a wider range of music than just Michael Jackson. Cortes enjoys listening to R&B and Jazz in his time alone. Sergio loves creating graphic art and designs when he has the time and is so talented at it he’s been contacted by several different video companies and offered jobs to do video game titles. Sergio finds pleasures in living both a unique and artistic life. Even at the age of 44, Cortes enjoys collecting action figures and sleeping by stuffed animals filled with childhood memories that surround his bed. His favorite action figure, or super hero character in general, is He-Man.

FreedomPop Hits UK Markets Running

FreedomPop Hits UK Markets Running

FreedomPop has been turning the world of mobile cell phone carriers around for the better part of the past couple of years and now the company is cementing itself with a global approach. As reported on Digital Trends, FreedomPop has geared up their alpha testing phase in the UK and customers are already reaping the rewards of the service. After partnering up with KPN, a Dutch carrier, FreedomPop has been able to expand into countries including France, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. With this expansion we are one step closer to seeing the LA based start up truly begin to contend as one of the top mobile options on the planet.

What FreedomPop offers customers is a truly one of a kind service. We’ve seen ‘freemium’ services in many different industries for years now but never when it came to cell phones. FreedomPop is changing that paradigm by offering their core service completely free. Subscribers to FreedomPop, via SIM card or FreedomPop phone, are given 200 minutes of talk, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data completely free. Customers only pay when they eclipse those monthly totals in the form of overages or with the decision to go to a premium plan.

Right now the primary paid monthly plans are $13 and $18 respectively. The $13 plan includes 1GB of data, 1000 texts, and free talk. The $18 plan has 2GB of data, unlimited calls, and unlimited text. Both plans are available in the US as well as the UK with the UK getting the premium plan free for a month as part of the expanding alpha test. UK subscribers are also awaiting the launch of the Jetsetter program, available via SIM card, which gives frequent travelers 100MB of additional data for free that can be used in up to 17 different coutnries.

Right now FreedomPop is blowing up but COO Steven Sesar claims that this is only the beginning. Sesar says that if their expansion to the UK and Netherlands works well then the service will continue to expand with the ultimate goal of reaching “everyone around the world”. Sesar told reporters that their Stateside success has “triggered interest among international carriers” and this shouldn’t surprise anyone. Right now FreedomPop is also looking at expanding into the Southeast Asian market and they’ll look to get that launched and prepared by 2016 at the earliest if all things go well.

The Job and Function of Environmental Lawyers

The Job and Function of Environmental Lawyers

Environmental lawyers work for new policies and uphold regulations related to environmental issues such as land use, clean air, and climate change. They may work for nonprofits, advocacy organizations, or governments. They may also function as consultants, or represent clients privately. Environmental lawyers usually function to ensure a business is in compliance with environmental law. However, their primary duties can vary based on the sector in which they choose to work.

Private companies, such as energy utilities and agricultural industries, utilize environmental lawyers to outline, and sometimes challenge, state and federal regulations. Federal agencies, such as the EPA, hire them to advocate for specific issues, help companies understand the law, and sue those that are out of compliance. Nonprofit organizations function as watchdogs, and work with the government toward the goal of environmental protection. Lawyers for these organizations conduct research and litigate on their behalf.

Like other lawyers, environmental lawyers must earn a JD degree. Applying to law school requires a bachelor’s degree and LSAT scores. Some schools offer environment related certificate programs at the JD level. In other cases, students can apply for a master’s program in environmental law. A number of programs offer dual degrees. First-year law students can expect fundamental classes like civil and constitutional law. Over the next two years they may elect to complete coursework in environmental law. Every state requires lawyers to be licensed, and most insist they pass one or more bar examinations.

Statistics regarding employment in the field of environmental law are not currently readily available. Nonetheless, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment among lawyers generally is set to grow. Between 2010 and 2020, the growth rate is expected to be 10 percent. This means that competition for available positions in the field of law is likely to be quite intense, and sustained.

An excellent example of an environmental lawyer, and the role they can play in society, is Frans Schoeman. Schoeman is the Director at Phatsima Diamond, a South African law firm that deals with mining concessions in other African countries. He oversees the daily operations of the concessions to ensure they are in compliance with each country’s regulations. It is also his duty to know and explain those regulations to the leadership.

Schoeman also does consulting work, overseeing mergers, contract negotiations, and acquisitions. His firm has litigated for several South African companies, securing hundreds of millions of rand in victories.

His interest in law began at the University of the Free State. He excelled and soon became a member of the Student Legal Society. After school, he became a senior partner at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, and later, a legal director. He founded Phatsima in 2005, and it has been a bastion of excellence in legal affairs ever since.

Environmental lawyers work in a vast array of industries to ensure compliance with the law. They are part of a field that is in demand, and deeply influential in world affairs. The work is needed and the rewards are great for anyone willing to take up the task.

How Lime Crime Has Completely Changed the Course of the Makeup Industry

How Lime Crime Has Completely Changed the Course of the Makeup Industry

Lime Crime Cosmetics is a brand that has made major strides in the world of cosmetics. While most brands typically focus on dark and muted colors that are typically very drab, Lime Crime has opted to create a palate of exceptionally brightly-colored and exuberant shades of makeup that have won over the sloughs of fans that it has accrued since its inception in 2008.

Lime Crime Cosmetics on tumblr has a very wide variety of lip liners, eyeliners, lip glosses and lipsticks that aim to make women look as beautiful and feminine as humanly possible. Her color palette, which is typically utilized by women with very fair skin is the ultimate complementary makeup for them. Women with very fair skin have a notoriously difficult time finding a color palette that matches their skin tone as exceptionally well as the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand of makeup does. Lime Crime boasts a wide variety of exotic neon and fluorescent colors that make each girl look as enticing as humanly possible.

To industry insiders, it is no secret that very soft and captivating colors often look very complementary on fair- skinned girls. It is also not a secret that very soft girls often are labeled as cute. For most girls that are labeled this way, it is almost seen as a crime to emphasize their cuteness any more than it already naturally has been. The reason that the line of cosmetics is called Lime Crime is because it is seen as a sin against nature to be seen in public as feminine as cute as her makeup allows. While most companies gloss right over her very soft, sensual and feminine girly palette, reminiscent of Aqua’s Barbie girl, she embraces that side of herself knowing there is a league of girls that have this particular feature missing from their current repertoire of beauty products and are independently-thinking enough to embrace it.

Doe Deere’s Eastern European heritage had a lot to do with the creation of Lime Crime Cosmetics. While in America, very feminine, girly pop music is typically seen as being unacceptable, in the Ukraine and in Russia, only cool people listen to very feminine, girly pop. In places like the Ukraine and Russia, where women outnumber men by a great amount, it is important for every girl to look her absolute most attractive at all times. Because of this, there is a culture of super girly and super feminine music, movies and clothing that has perpetuated itself in Russia in the way that is not commonly acceptable in America. Although her very feminine palette is seen as somewhat natural and obvious in Eastern Europe, even their typical makeup providers don’t sell any bright, neon or fluorescent colors as Lime Crime Cosmetics does. Most very feminine makeup color palette are typically only available as cheap, over-the-counter drugstore makeup from unknown brands and often irritates the skin. Although Doe Deere isn’t the first person to develop a neon pink lipstick, she is the first person to provide these exotic colors in a very expansive palette.

Susan McGalla: Charting Her Own Path

Susan McGalla: Charting Her Own Path

It has been a groundbreaking year for women in business. In fact, businesswoman Susan McGalla has always charted her own path. Raised by parents who refused to assign gender roles when it comes to work ethic, McGalla learned that her female identity is neither an asset nor liability. “I was brought up by parents who encouraged me to work hard and present ideas with confidence regardless of the audience,” McGalla says.

This mindset was the foundation for her success. During her tenure at the Joseph Horne Company from 1986 to 1994, she was exposed to a multitude of marketing techniques. Working in various merchandising and management positions allowed her to hone her skills. She developed a winning formula as she climbed the ladder to success. Ultimately, her hard work landed her a job at the male-dominated American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), Inc, where she worked in numerous positions until serving as President and Chief Merchandising Officer. Under her leadership, the company launched two start-up brands, and company sales soared from 340 million to over $3 billion.

Ready for a challenge, Susan McGalla on bizjournals took her unique talent to Wet Seal, where she served as Chief Executive Officer. Later, she started P3 Executive Consulting, an agency that guides some of the most brilliant minds in business—advising them on operational efficiency, marketing and branding. With a wealth of experience under her belt, McGalla joined the Pittsburgh Steelers Football League as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. As such, she is responsible for overseeing community development, e-commerce, merchandising, and strategic growth.

McGalla is a talented businesswoman with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College. Outside of her day-to-day duties, she encourages women and girls to work hard, persevere and exude confidence. During her motivational speeches at leadership conferences such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and the Carnegie Mellon University Conference, she tells women to build a support system. “The climbing desire to succeed is what will produce higher quality of work to achieve higher management positions,” she says. McGalla believes that women should focus more on work ethic than on breaking a metaphorical ceiling. “My angle on this in my career was not to ‘break the glass ceiling,” McGalla says. “To make the point, I never carried a chip on my shoulder [about] what I should be entitled to as a woman or what prejudices existed.”

Also, McGalla sits on the boards of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation as well as HFF Inc, a company that offers commercial real estate services. This seasoned executive has been able to chart her own path because she never allows gender to add or subtract from the goals that she set for herself.

Starting A Business With Help From Marc Sparks

Starting A Business With Help From Marc Sparks

Starting a business is something that many people dream of doing. Owning one’s own business can be a great way for anyone to help create something that is all their own. Many people also dream of leaving a business venture to their heirs and having a company that will continue to be a success long after they are gone. The opportunity to begin an entire venture from the ground up can also be exciting and amazing. Many people love the notion of being able to spend as much time as possible doing something that they really love doing and working with others who also share intense passion and devotion to the business.

One of the key aspects of starting any business is making sure that the person has enough funding to start a business as well as keeping it going during the early part of the venture when the business owner must do tasks such as purchaing inventory, reaching out to customers, creating an advertising campaign to let people know of the company’s offerings and beginning the process of hiring employees who can help any business owner make sure that their company can flourish in the short term and then continue to grow in the future as customers learn that it can help them get their needs met.

Financing for such a venture can come in many forms. Many people turn to venture capitalists such as Marc Sparks for help with their planned business venture. Mr. Sparks is an investor who knows how to help his clients get what they need in order to make sure that their business has the funding on hand to create a business that will do well in the marketplace. Mr. Sparks brings many skills to all those need his help. His work in this field has been a source of funding for many companies who have turned to him to raise the kind of capital they need for their business.

Sparks is a native of Texas, where he has worked hard to help many businesses open up in the region and meet the needs of both locals and those traveling there from other parts of the United States. His passion for excellence and devotion to the world of business led him to found Timber Creek Capital, a widely respected private equity firm that has been a huge source of help for many companies and those who wish to expand an existing business they have already started.

Mr. Sparks is also a devoted philanthropist who has worked with many charities in order to order to help give back to the community in other ways. His work in this field has included financing for all kinds of important area charities such as The Samaritan Inn, a center that helps people get access to temporary shelter and Habitat For Humanity, a charity that provides people with housing that they can have in order to put down roots in the region and use it to provide them with the kind of stability that can help residents have a better life. Mr. Sparks is figure who is widely respected in this area for his work in many fields and his ability to help his fellow Texans have a better place to live and work.

FreedomPop Raises Cash, Takes on Broader Markets

FreedomPop Raises Cash, Takes on Broader Markets

For the past year or so we have seen the telecommunications world on fire as several top of the line companies jockey for positioning in the future. We have seen companies like Comcast, AT&T, and T-Mobile all try to snatch up burgeoning young start ups in order to expand their brands and enhance their market demographic. This has created a buyers market for young start ups that has put companies like FreedomPop, an L.A. based start up, on the map in a viable way.

FreedomPop was established back in 2012 by an independent development company. After being established by CEO Stephen Stokols, the company was immediately handed funding from the founder of Skype. This seed money helped establish FreedomPop as a real player in the mobile wireless services market. Their goal was much different than the rest of the companies out there and thus they needed some real help.

What FreedomPop offers is a freemium network that gives free services in exchange for potential sales down the line. Users who sign up for FreedomPop will be given a limited amount of completely free mobile talk, text, and data with no strings attached. The only time these users will be charged is if they decide to upgrade their plan, purchase a bonus service, or if they go over their pre-determined amount of data. FreedomPop was able to pioneer this free service by purchasing data at wholesale rates. They’ve rapidly grown and now have rounded the corner on a million subscribers in America alone.

This early and bountiful success has made FreedomPop the Belle of the Ball when it comes to possible M&A talks. For the early months of 2015 there have been rumors abound that FreedomPop was planning on selling their company for a sizable chunk. This has caused the company to freeze up on their future at least until M&A talks cooled down. Finally CEO Stephen Stokols came out and shut down the talks.

According to Stokols the company received several ‘important offers’ that pushed up toward $250 million total. This is obviously a huge offer but the company decided that it was ‘premature’ to consider selling. Stokols instead focused on the latest round of Series B investing where the company pulled in an additional $30 million, fueled primarily by European venture capitalists Partech Ventures. This new bit of funding will help FreedomPop stretch their wings as they eye up global expansion into the bigger markets in the world.

Right now FreedomPop is focused on launching services in Southeast Asia as well as the United Kingdom. These two markets could give FreedomPop a global edge that pushes them into the upper crust of mobile wireless services. With roaming, hotspot, and wireless plans on the rise FreedomPop is in good shape for the future.

Joseph Bismark Shares Secrets to Amazing Health

Joseph Bismark Shares Secrets to Amazing Health

An article about Joseph Bismark recently was released through Reuters. The article included detailed and amazing information about health potential and sustaining a healthier lifestyle. First, it is important to share a little information about Joseph Bismark. This successful entrepreneur is the founding director of the QI Group. Certainly, a lot of people wondered about the man behind the QI Group. They wondered about his personal philosophy and the way that he maintained a healthy lifestyle. The article related his secrets. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable man.

Healthy Lifestyle
Certainly, Joseph Bismark is a true believer in living a healthy lifestyle. The fact is that the average person does not take the time to really try to change their life and the way that they live. Bismark has taken control of his life by practicing an ancient form of exercise that carries a holistic lifestyle philosophy. The yoga enthusiast is also a yoga teacher. He practices yoga daily. It should not be surprising that he is also a yoga master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Bismark reads books on the yoga practice to keep in touch with the principles and shares this philosophy with others. The remarkable businessman leads a stressful life and finds that meditation is one way to instantly relieve the stress. The article also discussed the fact that Bismark believed in physical and mental activities to enrich one’s life. This philosophy is clearly evident in his strong interest in yoga, martial arts, and Vedic philosophy.

Joseph Bismark
Joseph Bismark is the founding director of the QI Group. Many in the business world believe that he is the main driving force behind the success of the company. Bismark is a very talented, skilled, and forward thinking individual that manages the company according to his strong Vedic philosophy and living a healthy lifestyle. His belief that every individual is capable of great things helped to build a strong foundation for the company. This is a very successful man that believes in giving back to the community too. Bismark works closely with the RHYTHM Foundation.

Vijay Eswaran: Self Actualized Business Force

Vijay Eswaran: Self Actualized Business Force

Few people in business today manage to compete successfully while also maintaining a zen-like sense of goodness and decency. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman if QI Group, is quite different and notably extraordinary. He flies in the face of the notion that commerce and social responsibility have no business dating let alone having a long term and mutually beneficial relationship. He has achieved tremendous success with his business endeavors, benefitting charities, students and entire regions around the globe. He has authored 3 books that examine the balance between success and service and has also released a book of his own photography. (LinkedIn.com profile)

QI Group is a multinational conglomerate that had humble beginnings. He began with no connections, no money and an intense entrepreneurial spirit. Eswaran says, “Life is extraordinary. Being alive is extraordinary. When you choose to be ordinary, you go against nature itself.” He used this fire for excellence to find others with the same burn. His direct sales skills and ability to formulate strong interpersonal relationships paired perfectly with the global e-commerce trend. He combined these two skills and turned a fledgling numismatic business into a competitive sales force. From there, QNET, the multilevel marketing sales force became the leading arm of QI Group that has offices in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. They now deal in media, telecom, training, education and wellness solutions. Eswaran has won numerous awards for leadership and business acumen, proving that in a match between resources and attitude, an intense initiative rarely loses. Entrepreneur.com has an article about Vijay Eswaran as well.

Eswaran believes strongly in service over self. He feels a deep responsibility to the people in his employ, his customers and the followers who look to him for guidance and mentorship. He spends the first hour of his day in silence, meditating and being present and grounded to his global village. This is the subject of his book “In the Sphere of Silence”, where he discusses self-actualization and management not only for personal benefit, but as an extension of one’s community. RYTHM is the arm of QI Group dedicated to corporate social responsibility and he and his wife also run a mentorship foundation named for his father. This year, his new University in Malaysia will graduate its first class. The University is on track for unprecedented growth that will bring jobs, education and leadership to the area. Many of his social media followers anxiously await his Thought of the Day, which is meant to inspire and educate.

Vijay Eswaran is a lesson in the greatness of men. He looks for intuition, intensity and inquisitiveness in people, because these are skills of the exceptional. Resources can easily be obtained, but actualization takes tremendous effort. Eswaran seeks that for himself, and pours it out to others.