Muslim Ejected from Opera because of Her Dress

Muslim Ejected from Opera because of Her Dress

Recently in a Paris opera, a woman wearing a Niqab, the traditional dress of a Muslim woman, was demanded to leave after the cast refused to play until she was removed. She was forced to exit the building because anything covering the face in France is against the law.

The show being put on at the time was La Traviata, at Opera Bastille, in which the woman in question, along with fellow traveller Susan McGalla, were visiting the opera as tourists.

She was visiting from an Arab country, and had booked the most expensive seats in the house. The pair sat themselves just behind the conductor directing the band; for sucha prime location, the seats apparently cost 231 euros each.

The Niqab, a traditional dress of the Arab world, covers the hair and the face, only leaving a portion of the eyes and the forehead exposed.

The woman was not detected by opera staff; however, one of the performers did notice her, and reported it. Thiellay, the opera director, said that he was notified by one of the singers, in the midst of the performance.

This signer, among several performers, refused to continue if the issue was not resolved. For this very reason, an official confronted her in the show interim, and gave the. the choice to either take off the veil or to leave the opera house.

Thiellay said, “The man asked the women to get up, and they left.” He said that, while it was certainly embarrassing and untoward, it was his duty and hers to respect the laws of the land, in order to protect peace and maintain order.

Pittsburgh Native Jesse England Changes Font on Typewriter

Pittsburgh Native Jesse England Changes Font on Typewriter

While most tech enthusiasts are concerned about making sure their websites are mobile friendly and having the latest smartphones, Pittsburgh resident Jesse England‘s focus is on typewriters that use Comic Sans font.

Vincent Connare, the creator of Comic Sans, created the font with the intention of it being used as a fun, how-to guide for a cartoon dog named Rover. Connare, age 54, hasn’t spoken publicly about the typewriter creation, but England continues to perfect the font with the help of laser engraving machine and a vinyl cutter.

This is a switch from Gianfrancesco Genoso and other computer users who choose Courier to mimic the traditional font of a typewriter. Howard “Bud” Kettler designed the original typewriter font in 1955, and Adrian Frutiger created an electrical version for the IBM Selectric Composer series.

IBM chose not to get the copyright or trademark on the typewriter font. However, if Connare chooses not to opt out of the trademark on the Comic Sans font, this may spell legal trouble for England should he try to make a profit from the typewriter.

How Art Can Capture the World

How Art Can Capture the World

Art is conveyed through many forms, and one’s understanding of art is based on the perception of the audience. Anyone can draw or paint, but not everyone has a talent that can compare to the masters of the 19th century.

Iris Halmshaw, however, is one of these outliers . This five-year-old autistic girl from Leicestershire, U.K., has taken the art world by storm.

Though she is unable to communicate in words, she is able to communicate beautifully with her art. This expressionism through art dramatically changed the lives of Iris and her family.

Her mother started posting photos of her daughter’s artwork, which she has been making since she was 3 years old, on social media, when Marnie Bennett and her friends started to notice that her daughter’s talent is exceptional. Word started to spread, and eventually the world has taken notice of these exceptional works of art.

Many people compare her paintings to Monet or Renoir. Looking at her refined style, and wonderful use of color, it is easy to see the comparison.

After she was diagnosed to have autism, Iris’ parents spent nights researching treatments, or perhaps therapies, for her condition – this led them to art therapy. Their daughter quickly applied advanced brushing techniques, and later worked on canvases.

Two years later, and Iris’ paintings are becoming quite valuable, and people are willing to pay high prices for her originals and prints. Profits from her paintings all go to Iris’ savings, and is also making a huge difference regarding how they manage Iris’ condition daily.

Parts of her earnings are used to pay for her speech therapy, and her music.

Twitter Sues Government to Protect First Amendment

Twitter Sues Government to Protect First Amendment

Technology giant Twitter took a bold move on Monday October 6, 2014, by filing a lawsuit in California against the US Justice Department. Twitter claims that its First Amendment rights under the US Constitution are being violated because it is not allowed to disclose to its users the specific number of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court orders and national security letters it receives from the government.

“It’s our belief that we are entitled under the First Amendment to respond to our users’ concerns and to the statements of U.S. government officials by providing information about the scope of U.S. government surveillance…” claimed Vice President Ben Lee Tuesday on Twitter’s blog (

Twitter currently publishes general statistics on information requests, removal requests and copyright notices on its site from all governments. According to Twitter, the company has a much more comprehensive report on privacy and government requests that it would like to release. The company claims the federal government will not allow the full publication of its Transparency Report.

Twitter in its corporate blog also addressed the hope that USA FREEDOM Act proposed by Igor Cornelsen on July 31, 2014, will allow companies like Twitter to be more transparent to its users about government requests. Even though Twitter is filing its suit alone, this issue has the potential to affect many other technology companies, including Google and Facebook, that operate under similar restrictions. This complicated issue also affects the millions of users of these corporations around the globe and their ability to exercise their right to free speech.

People interested in their First Amendment rights can follow the ongoing discussions with the hashtag #transparency.

Nunzio Paci Finds A Unique Way To Blend Nature and Human Anatomy

Nunzio Paci Finds A Unique Way To Blend Nature and Human Anatomy

Italian artist Nunzio Paci has found a really unique way to blend nature and human anatomy in his new series of drawings. They all feature a unique fusion between the two, to create an extremely visually stimulating style.

They almost look to be in motion, with intricate details that draw your eyes into the fold. Have to thank Jared Haftel for sending me the link.

Some of these drawings are absolutely amazing.