Make it the Night of Your Life With Lime Crime


It’s Friday night in the city and all your friends are going out. You adorn your favorite, little black dress, the perfect pair of red pumps and that killer red lipstick that turns all the boys heads. But wait! Do you know what went into making that perfect shade of red? Were these products tested on animal, or possibly have animal ingredients? Don’t take the chance, go with a trusted brand that is commented to keeping all animals safe and all lips popping with powerful lip colors!

Lime Crime offers just this with all of their amazing products. Lime Crime guarantees that all of their make-up products are Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup. This means that no animals were harmed when making their products and ingredients were tested on animals. You can also feel safe using these products because of their Vegan make-up, which ensures no animal ingredients or byproducts, will be in any of your make-up.  In fact, their LimeCrime Pinterest page shows how these can be incorporated into a vegan lifestyle.


Animal cruelty is something this company is strongly against. Lime Crime proudly tell their clients about employees that are animal lovers and enjoy fostering and adopting pets. This something I think we can all agree is a great reputation to have as a company. So not only can you get amazing products that just light the nightlight on fire, and have you in the spot light … but you also are ensured that you night on the town was not at the expense of some helpless animal. I think that’s something everyone can get on the party train about!  Buy em on Amazon, or just take a look at how Lime Crime can improve your image on Tumblr.

As classroom diversity increases, ClassDojo instills empathy

In 2011, the classroom social networking app ClassDojo was unveiled. Its original purpose was to serve as a sort of Facebook for K-8 classrooms. The founders of Classdojo Sam Chaudry and Liam Don, recognized that teachers, parents and children lacked a dedicated app that could efficiently share children’s class work in real time. The idea was successfully sold to venture capital firms and within two years, armed with a $31 million starting budget, ClassDojo began being distributed to teachers and classrooms across the nation.

More than just social networking for kids

One of the coolest features @ClassDojo is its ability to serve as a social network for kids too young to be on Facebook. This networking option allows for close parental monitoring and maintains a safe online environment.

But the app is much more than networking for kids. It allows teachers to send results of tests in real time to parents. It allows parents to watch their child give a class presentation or work on a science lab. And perhaps most importantly, it almost completely obviates the need for parent-teacher conferences. This is more than just a convenient way to save parents a trip to the school.

Parent-teacher conferences can often be a shock to parents whose children are struggling in class. Children who are not doing well often hide this fact from their inquiring parents, needlessly exacerbating the problem and putting it off until it is often too late. ClassDojo nips this problem in the bud by notifying parents of any problem their child may be having in comprehending lesson material at the very moment it manifests. This way with parents fully involved, homework assignments can be tailored and focused on what children need help understanding, not on assignments that they have already mastered.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is the brainchild of founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudry. Started in 2011, the firm quickly raised over $31 million in venture capital and started distributing its first version to K-8 classrooms nationwide. This proved an unqualified success. Within 5 years, the app was being used in over 90% of K-8 schools across the country.

ClassDojo’s present business model is to continue rapid expansion with an eye on adding premium user features for parents and children in the future. However, features that are currently free will always remain so. And ClassDojo recognizes teachers as its greatest sales force. As such, it will always be free for educators.

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March Madness is so close

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Safety And Securus Technologies

When the holidays roll around, prisoners can get very lonely when they are in a correction facility, and that is why Securus Technologies created the video visitations so that they could touch base with their loved ones when the holiday comes. They can see and hear them while they open their presents, and take part in other parts of the holiday via the video. It makes sense, and it helps to create a cheerful atmosphere in the facility, therefore everyone is safer.


During the month of December, the company, Securus Technologies has commercials about the video visitations going on to make the public aware. The people need to know how important this technology is, and what it does for the public as a whole. It is hoped that people will be more educated to the fact the prisoners need to have a holiday too. They will see why the technology is so necessary, and how it benefits not only the prisoner, but the facility owner too. It saves money, and that is very important.


The company, Securus Technologies is always creating new and better technology for the better of the public’s safety. They are always taking on new challenges, and every week, they create something new. They are respected the world over for what they can do. The government is always in need of their services, and the company deals with an average of over a million prisoners every year on a regular basis, so they know what happens in these facilities. It is better if everyone has a good holiday, so that things stay calm inside. For the future, the company will see a continued amount of success. They will have more to offer in ways to technology that will make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

How Fabletics Could Just Take On Amazon And Win

Ask the average person where they buy the majority of their clothes, and you’re likely to get the same answer you would from most: Amazon.

While many people still enjoy the fun of going to an offline shop and feeling the cloth between their fingertips, they are clearly going the way of the dodo. More people are turning to e-commerce as their preferred method of clothes shopping.

And no one is making bigger bucks off of if than Amazon. This e-commerce giant is currently pulling in 20 percent of the online clothing market. The rest of the market is mostly broken up into tiny specialized shops, none of which pull in the same kind of bucks.

Kate Hudson and her spunky little clothing brand has decided enough is enough and is fighting back against Amazon.

Wait, Who Is Fabletics?
If you’ve never heard of this company, you’ve been missing out. Fabletics offer their members access to unique and personalized athletic gear, sporting wear, bathing suits, and even dresses. They focus primarily on women, though Kate’s brother Oliver has his own unique male line.

The idea behind this company is to give each member access to their own unique clothing. Anyone ordering from Fabletics will get personalized clothing that they can’t find anywhere else.

The secret to their success is the finely-tuned membership survey each member takes after making their profile. This survey breaks down your personal fashion needs in a way that creates a line you can’t resist.

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CMO of Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics on retail industry

Are They Successful?
Fabletics was founded in 2013 and has already made $250 million. It’s safe to say that their membership model has been a success, beyond perhaps even the wildest dreams of its founders.

In fact, it has been successful enough to begin opening their own line of clothing shops across the nation. Expect as many as 100 shops in the country by the end of 2017, a huge jump for a company that didn’t have a single shop in the 2016.

Is it possible for Fabletics to maintain a strong offline presence in the face of such a demanding online giant like Amazon? Hudson and Fabletics are banking that they will, and there is actually a good chance that they could do it.

Their success will hinge on the nature of their membership model and whether or not their customers will remain loyal to them.

Here’s How They Could Succeed
The success of Fabletics and their offline shops will depend on a few delicate variables falling into place. First of all, their members will have to go to their stores and purchase their clothing there.

The idea is that each member will get discounts for shopping at the offline shops, compelling them to visit them and buy their clothes there, rather than on Amazon.

There’s actually a dual benefit to the membership model, as buyers are likely to purchase directly from Fabletics online shop even if they don’t go to the offline centers.

As a result, Fabletics could invest this money in any shops that may be struggling, helping to keep them afloat to draw in more customers.

As long as they keep offering high-quality goods, and using their unique advertising methods to attract buyers, it’s hard not to imagine Fabletics seriously cutting into Amazon’s business.

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Ricardo Tosto

São PAULO – workers who earn functions within a company will be able to benefit from an increase in their monthly income. The rule is old and applies to professionals who perform activities other than those already laid down in contract for a predetermined period by the employer.


“The accumulation of activities usually happens often within companies, especially when the entrepreneur want to cut costs,” explains labor lawyer Marie Office and Rocha Barros Advogados and also Coordinator of the Commission of new lawyers in the Iasp (São Paulo lawyers Institute), Joao Armando Moretto Amarante.


In these cases, the most common is that the workforce is reduced and the professional who stays in the headcount of scheduled to add some of the functions of who was fired. “This accumulation falls on employees of trust, that they act in various areas, according to the needs of the employer,” according to Amarante.



The temporary replacement to cover the vacation of another co-worker also often lead to accumulation of function. However, not always it can be considered a problem, as some collective standards laid down by the Union usually provide for such activities. “It doesn’t always involve the payment of additional salary. Everything will depend on the collective standard, “says labor lawyer Milk Office, Tosto e Barros Advogados, Arthur Cahen.


Ricardo Tosto and his firm have been successful in seeing this project through to its end. Tosto is a highly successful lawyer in Brazil, and he has been working in law for most of his life. His firm consists of folks he mentored from the beginning.

Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill Announces New Medicare Plan with EON Health

As a business, healthcare is in constant flux. Leading a healthcare company presents a host of unique challenges due to the incredible responsibility and changing legal framework that the medical industry faces. Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill has spent nearly two decades meeting these challenges, both at Memorial and elsewhere.

Gill started her career after completing her undergraduate work at Florida State and earning an MBA with Honors from St. Leo University. She joined Tenet South Florida Health Systems, a regional network of hospitals in Tenet’s national organization, where she spent five years. She worked at several hospitals before eventually becoming CFO. Gill was recognized as Tenet’s top CFO on three occasions for her commitment to excellence.

In 2004, Maggie Gill left Tenet to join Memorial University Medical Center, becoming vice president of finance/managed care. She later became COO of Memorial Health and was appointed president and CEO by the board of directors in 2011. In her role as CEO, Gill oversees all aspects of the Memorial Health organization, including doctor and government relations, finance and audit, communications, as well as all facilities and trauma service.

One of Maggie Gill’s goals is to forge innovative partnerships to enhance the quality of care and service for medicare beneficiaries. Gill recently announced a partnership with Eon health to introduce an new no-premium Medicare Advantage plan with affordable prescription co-payments. The plan, which will be available to Medicare recipients in certain counties in Georgia and South Carolina starting in 2017, provides a wide array of benefits. Many of these benefits are not usually found in no-premium plans, such as dental, hearing, and free transportation. According to Gill, Memorial Health found common ground in Eon Health’s focus on preventive care. She believes that the plan’s focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make it a success.

Waiakea Sping Water Produces Uniquely Delicious, Mineral-filled Water

There are hundreds of brands of bottled water on the shelves of retail stores around the world. It’s all water; is there any difference? With crystal clear Waiākea Hawaiian Volcanic Water from Waiakea, Hawaii, there are delicious and beneficial differences from other natural waters.

This spectacular, natural spring water is naturally filtered through 1400 feet of porous volcanic rock, which gives it the tremendous mineral benefits and crisp taste. Waiakea water also produces a positive Ph level, which is very beneficial. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Volcanic Filtering

The effects of natural filtering are two-fold: 1) it filters out impurities that could have been in the water, and 2) it absorbs positive additions such as minerals and electrolytes. Electrolytes are those nutrients that are vital to the function of the body such as regulating the heartbeat and providing movement to allow your muscles to contract and expand.

Because of the tremendous distance this water moves through porous rock, it absorbs generous amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, and silica. These elements make the water alkaline, which is a huge plus because when you alkalize, you are preventing illnesses as well as giving your body permission to heal and improve.

The Waiakea Water company was founded in 2012 with the Waiakea Spring. It is one of the most delicious and nutrient-beneficial water in the world, but not only is it a spectacular natural water, its owner has made Waiakea one of the most ethical and sustainable outreach companies in the water industry. Waiakea water is committed to producing a clean water that will bring substantial benefits to everyone.

Last year, Waiakea Water partnered with Pump Aid and donated more than 500 million liters of water to rural Malawi. As a result, there was a substantially lower rate of illnesses, more children attending school and an increase in employment. This donation from Waiakea changed the lives of many.

The Focus of Waiakea

The company is committed to working on conservation, education and clean water access. The founder of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, Ryan Emmons, has placed these three goals on the agenda for the company, and they are already reaching out to local programs in Hawaii. He has established Waiakea as a sustainable company with Hawaii as one of the first communities they reach out to help. Waiakea water is dedicated to continually supporting their three goals.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Takes Her Skills To Her Home Town

Dr. Jennifer Walden has returned to her home of Austin, TX to put up an office where she can provide services to patients in her home town. There are a lot of advantages she gets to experience with her home town. For one thing, he can spend more time with her family. One thing that she prides herself on being is a good mother. She loves her children and works very hard in order to provide a home and a comfortable environment for her children. Another thing that could be said for her is that she enjoys what she does for a living.


Dr. Jennifer Walden works in cosmetic surgery. She is not just someone who performs the procedures. She also takes the time to do the research in order to find ways to change the practice for the better. For one thing, Jennifer has taken the time to bring forth new methods to the procedures. She has also taken the time to bring back silicon implants. Her work in the field has brought her a lot of fame and success. She has also written in textbooks so that people could learn what she has discovered in the field of cosmetic surgery.


Other things she has done related to cosmetic surgery is that she has talked on various shows on the radio and television. She is a very elegant speaker who makes sure that people understand her point. She speaks simply and does not bog people down with jargon. This is one of the reasons that people enjoy listening to her when she talks about cosmetic surgery. She is also an individual with a warm heart. She wants people to feel good about themselves. This is one of the main reasons that she gets herself involved in the cosmetic surgery field.

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How To Find A Reliable PPC Management Firm

Need a quick way to get traffic to your website? Want to choose a reputable PPC management company?


Choosing a PPC management company is an important aspect of running a successful advertising campaign. You need to consider several factors before making a decision.


Many businesses start driving traffic to their website by using pay per click (PPC) advertising. It is a proven way to drive targeted traffic to a website and generate sales and revenue quickly.


A good PPC management firm provides a vast range of benefits to businesses, and ensures that their clients reach their target audience cost-effectively. That’s where the team at White Shark Media can help. These experts have been providing superior services for years and have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the advertising industry.


Complete transparency in every aspect of their relationship with clients only serves to enhance the success of their PPC management service. You always have ownership of your PPC account, with full administrative access. Also, you will receive easy to understand reports detailing your account performance on a regular basis.


White Shark Media is committed to establishing an honest and collaborative relationship with their clients. The team at this renowned firm is committed to the success of their partnership, which is why they schedule conference calls and regular meetings to discuss your campaigns, their ongoing strategy and what they could do to continuously boost performance as they progress.


At the initial consultation, they will discuss your project, target audience, campaign goals and top competitors. They will then create a customized strategy to meet your business needs. After you understand what they will do for you to get your ads running and yielding good outcome, you can either handle your own campaign management or hire them to build out a new campaign or optimize your existing campaigns.


With their turnkey pay-per-click management solution, White Shark Media’s experts handle all aspects of your campaign. They will be strategic partners, focusing on what they do best – driving more visitors to your website – while you focus on running your business.