The Style of Fabletics

Fabletics is a play on words combining athletics and fabulous, which is exactly what the name brand line of athletic wear looks and feels like. This line of clothing was developed by world famous actress Kate Hudson.


From the blog a Foodie Stays Fit, she endeavors to answer review questions about Fabletics and what they have to offer customers. Ultimately if you really want to find out how good Fabletics are, you should try some for yourself. They are both affordable and stylish to match any style or personality for leisure or athletic activity.


So the Foodie Stays Fit asks several question in her analysis to show how good a product Fabletics is. She compares cost, style, feel, as well as use of website and Fabletics customer service.


The first area to focus on is cost. Fabletics provides customers an opportunity to be VIP members through the website which gives low entry level costs for first-time buyers. As a VIP member, if you do not want any new Fabletics-ware for the month there is no cost to decline. Other outfits at regular price are still more affordable than the expensive name brands.


Fit and feel would be the next area to discuss, and the Foodie Stays Fit provides a unique insight. The clothing is strong, durable, yet flexible and keeps its shape for much longer than the average athletic ware. The clothing is also thick enough so it is not see through. Again, for the affordable cost of what you pay for Fabletics, you receive superior quality clothing.


The website and customer service needed a little tweaking, but they still help you find what you are looking for in Fabletics-ware to match your style and inner personality.


So the overall consensus for Fabletics for the girl on the go who wants a good workout and looks good while they sweat is they are a great buy. You get a large variety of style at an affordable price for clothing that does not wear out easily.


The best part about Fabletics is the potential of the clothing line. Though they are known for workouts and leisure, Fabletics is starting to venture into bolder areas such as swimwear and evening wear. As the Foodie Stays Fit says, buy the Oula tanks, they come in a zillion colors and fit perfectly.

Wengie Shows How to Style Hair in Under Five Minutes



If you are wanting to style your hair in under five minutes, Wengie has a perfect video for you.


Wengie always starts her videos off with excellent music an engaging introduction. The first easy hairstyle is the triple cascade. This style is accomplished by taking the top portion of your hair and tying it with a clear band. Then above where you tied this, take your fingers and make a hole, and tuck your ponytail into this. Wengie calls this a tuck in this video.

After this, grab the middle portion of your hair and bring it on top and tie it up. With this section, repeat what you did with the top portion ponytail. You then take the bottom section of hair and repeat what you did with the first two sections, then take a hair tie and tie these all up.

The next style Wengie has is the double cascade. You can start with a high ponytail, then use a clear band to tie your hair lower on the ponytail. Then create a hole in the middle of your hair and tuck your ponytail in. Repeat with the bottom portion and you then get the double cascade.

Side twists are the next hairstyle. Wengie suggests pulling your hair to the side and twisting the middle parts until you have no more sections, then tying to the side ponytail.

Another 5 minute hair hack is twisted pleats. Take your hair to one side and make two sections. Take each section and make into three then twist into one and tie. Do this with both big sections and tie in one with a hair tie. You can then spread pleats apart and it gives a casual look according to Wengie.

Fishtail braids are the last hack that Wengie suggests. This is probably the most difficult hairstyle to master and she suggests practicing several times before attempting in public. Wengie ends the video by giving links to her other videos and inviting viewers to join as a follower of her channel. She treats her followers as family and this explains why she has such a loyal following on Youtube.

Equities First Holdings: Specializing In Stock Based Loans

In the financial world, Equities First Holdings is one of the most recognized companies. It has regional offices in the United States in New York and other parts of the country. Moreover, its headquarters is in Indianapolis. When the company wanted to expand, it thought about expanding its services to cover the entire world. For this reason, they engaged in the action of working towards the development of the stock-based loans. Because of this, they now cover every continent in the world through their regional offices in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, Australia, and London. Equities First Holdings is also one of the fastest growing companies based in the United States.

For Equities First Holdings, they engage in the issuance of loans using stocks as collateral. For the sake of business, you get a loan with the company through which you are required to secure the fast working loan using the best sources of determination. For more than 12 years of professional experience in landing, the company has worked with their stakeholders and regional offices in every continent of the world to complete more than 2,000 transactions.

For this reason, Equities First Holdings has also issued more than $2 billion of loans to its client companies and individuals. While the company sees these transactions as a major achievement in loan business, Al Christy does not recognize this through achievement. However, he sees these operations as part of the daily business they conduct on a normal working day in the company. This is what they do best while in office.The stock-based loans are characterized by the non-purpose feature which lets the user of the loan never to say the intended use of the money as a way of qualification. For this reason, he works to see the use of the loans develop a brighter future for the users.

Top 4 Best EOS Lip Balms for Nourished and Smooth Lips

Evolution of Smooth, popularly known as EOS, incredibly changed the way we look at lip balms when they unveiled their first line of lip salves. The craze for EOS lip balms has since roped in actresses, singers and other celebrities all across the globe. The innovative range of beauty items are not your ordinary chapsticks. Instead, they are a classic range of awe-inspiring and unique balms packed in adorable egg-shaped and stylish balm stick cases. Made from natural and organic ingredients, these lip balms offer ultimate protection and nourishment to the lips. More importantly, they are available in a range of amazing flavors and colors to satisfy various tastes and preferences.

Let’s take a brief look into the top 4 best EOS lip balms.

EOS Pomegranate Raspberry
A true definition of a natural lip balm, the pomegranate raspberry boasts of a rich combination of antioxidant Vitamin E, jojoba oil and soothing Shea butter. These natural ingredients provide a refreshing, long lasting moisturizing effect to the lips. The natural extracts coupled with the nourishing effect helps to heal dry lips and keeps lips visibly smooth and more beautiful.

Blackberry Nectar
Enriched with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, natural oil extracts and Shea butter, the blackberry nectar is the type of lip balm that you will easily fall in love with. Blackberry Nectar precisely glides on your lips for easy application. Its conditioning antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients are credited with healing effects on dry lips. It does not contain any harmful products and a sure way to achieve softer and visibly beautiful lips.

Strawberry Sorbet
This EOS lip balm is a sure way to provide perfect care and love to your lips. It is awesomely flavored and as refreshing as the frozen sorbet dessert itself. This affordably priced lip balm keeps your lips hydrated and sensationally smooth for longer periods of time. Finally, the 100% natural lip balm nourishes and protects your lips even in the harshest of environments.

EOS Winter Pack Lip Balm
The Winter Pack takes the top spot on our top 4 best EOS reviews. Containing 4 separately packed lip balms of different flavors, hydrating effect and invigorating scent, the winter pack is all you would want for a warm smile and soothing taste for delightful day. The amazing natural flavors include sweet mint, coconut, blueberry and vanilla mint. EOS lip balm products are available at the shelves of your local Walmart and Target( stores. Online orders can be done thru


Changing The Way We Think Of Tech

Rona Borre wants to change the way we think of tech. In order to do this she wants to change the way companies staff themselves. Using her firm Instant Alliance she wants to create a more inclusive and broad workforce. As a female entrepreneur herself she understands the various challenges often faced by those who decide to take this route life. Despite this, Rona Borre has managed to make herself one of the most notable and respected women in the business world of Chicago.



Instant Alliance Is Helping

Instant Alliance is a staffing agency with a particular focus on technical and financial positions. These positions are some of the most lucrative and rewarding in business, but there are relatively few women found in these fields. Instant Alliance wants to change this by providing a diverse array of competent employees who are able to work in these fields and offer companies to reflect a greater range of employees.   Click  here for more.


Rona Borre is the recipient of many awards
Rona Borre is the recipient of many awards


About Rona Borre

Rona Borre is the head of Instant Alliance and has directed the firm for the entirety of its 16 year existence. In 2001, she decided she wanted to make an impact in the business world and help out others who wanted to carve a name for themselves. Devoted to the advancement of her business, Rona Borre is the recipient of many awards recognizing her hard work including the award for Enterprising Woman Of The Year from Enterprising Woman magazine.

The Startup Strategy of Eric Pulier

The startup industry is booming right now. All you need to do is pay a visit to places like Silicon Valley in California to see all of the bright minds that are coming up with great ideas. Eric Pulier is one of these brilliant people. The problem is that it is tough to launch a startup because of the large amount of competition that you are likely to face. This is especially true if the site that you are trying to launch is going to be involved in an industry that is very popular. This is why you need to think very carefully about the type of startup you are going to launch. You need to be sure that you are not trying to get involved in an industry where you will be quickly lost among all of your competitors. This is the advice that Pulier gives to young people who are trying to launch their first startup.


The success that Eric Pulier has had in such a short time has put him in demand. Many key investors want to work with Pulier on every project that he is involved with. So how was he able to become so successful? What sort of strategy does he use in order to make his startups work when so many others do not? There is not a simple answer. Pulier has often credited his success to the team of people he puts together when he first comes up with an idea for a startup. He believes that you will not be able to get very far without the right staff in place at your startup. Pulier knows that he will not be able to do everything himself. Therefore, he hires people he trusts so he is able to delegate some of the responsibility.


Another thing that Pulier does that sets him apart from his competitors involves the financing of his startup ventures. He makes sure that he has enough money in place to pay for the site for several months until it builds a following and starts to turn a profit. This helps his sites to stay afloat.

Dr. Clay Siegall: A True Unsung Hero

When it comes to making a positive difference in peoples lives many of the benefactors seem to never receive the credit that’s long over due. For these remarkable individuals it’s not all about fame and fortune, but what’s right or wrong. Cancer (in-a-sense) is wrong and there are many people and organization trying to eradicate this deadly disease. Clay Siegall just happen to be one of these individuals and he’s done a lot in the fight against cancer. The good doctor has a resume of success that spans for decades and decades, is the author of 70 publications, and has won many industry related awards for his efforts. In other words Dr. Clay Siegall personifies cancer research.


Dr. Clay Siegall is well respected in the industry as he’s known as a doctor, scientist, as well as a philanthropist. He has a heart of gold and does every thing in his vey own power to make other feel better. Being the President and CEO of one of the world top cancer research organizations can be stressful, but Dr. Siegall has the fortitude and perseverance to see it through. Seattle Genetics is in great hands under his leadership as it produces some of the best cancer fighting drugs of the 21st Century. These breakthrough therapies are known as (ADCs) or Antibody Drug Conjugates. They seek out and target cancerous cells within the body then gives the dangerous cells a shot of killing agents. The effectiveness of these medications is that they decrease nasty side effects of cancer treatment by sparing the good cells of the body.


There are 12 other drugs already in the development stages while the company’s flagship drug ADCETRIS is taking the world by storm thanks to it’s life saving benefits. Over the past year this mighty drug as brought in over $225 Million in sales alone in the U.S. and Canada. Having such success has caused the company to expand as it will be adding about 100 more employees to it’s already 800 man crew.

The Best Anime Characters to Exist and Quotes from Naruto That Will Blow Your Mind


Anime is a popular form of entertainment for all ages. Goku, who appears in the Dragon Ball ninja anime, is one of the most famous anime characters of all time. A hero of both character and strength, he fights with companions against evil forces in order to protect his land. Along the way, Goku finds friends in all walks of life that develop him into a powerful young man. Another major character is Naruto, a teenage ninja. He is the main protagonist of the television series and often frivolous at times. Nevertheless, he has a passion for fighting that enables him to dominate other warriors in the country. Due to the length of the Naruto series, he changes as a personality throughout the shows.


Naruto is a man of his word. He once said, “Fear. That is what we live with. And we live it everyday. Only in death are we free of it.” When Naruto battles, he does not step down from any challenge. When talking to his friend, he said, “Laziness is the mother of all bad habits. But ultimately she is a mother and we should respect her.” His poetic choice of words has convinced his allies to respect him and coincide with his ways of thinking. Lastly, he claimed, “The difference between stupidity and genius, is that genius has its limits.” Naruto has high expectations for those around him, but this is what makes him such an imposing figure.  Although it’s not all action, Naruto has plenty of moments that could push it into comedy anime territory, so it’s a fun series to watch.


Handy opts for a sustainable growth strategy is one of the most popular online marketplace for home cleaning and other household services in the USA, U.K, and Canada. It is a startup which was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua in 2012. The aim of this startup was to develop a common marketplace between the households and the home cleaning professionals so that people can get reliable services from verified professionals as well as create job opportunities for people. Within a few years, Handy has reached the apex of success. However, now the time has come for Handy to rethink their business model and approach to sustaining in the market.

With their innovative idea and quality standards, Handy was an instant success. They have managed to secure millions of dollars in seed funding that includes $50 million Series C venture capital funding in 2015. They have managed to expand their operation in 28 states in the USA and employs more than 160 employees and 10,000 enlisted contractors. In March 2015, they also managed to complete their 1 millionth successful contracts.

While everything was going so smooth for Handy in its initial run with an aggressive expansion model, things started to fiddle when Handy was doing really great. At this point, both Oisin and Umang, the co-founders of Handy realized that their growth is not only good but way beyond their current capacity. They were finding it really difficult to ensure their high-quality standards with the rising demand.

As a result, their customer complaint was increasing, and the call center was unable to resolve them on time. Some their innovation such as online onboarding also misfired. The rising operating cost was also a concern for this company. Hence, Handy had to take a drastic decision to change its business model. Now the company is thinking about organic growth and going to focus only on its existing market with its existing capacity. Also, they are also focusing on improving their business processes such as outsourcing customer supports, redesigning their onboarding and IT. For handy, it is more important to survive and sustain in the market that is aggressively pursuing clients whom they can’t cater to.


Don Ressler Entices Customers With Celebrity Appeal

The celebrities know how to sell clothes. This is something that they do well because they have a following. When you have fans that are interested in the type of clothing at that you have your company can go very far. It doesn’t take a genius to know that there are people that are going to buy clothes that their favorite celebrities are wearing. It does, however, take a bit of ingenuity to decide what celebrities are going to have the best influence on customers. This is where business leaders like Don Ressler come into play.

He is the business leader that has made a fortune by connecting the dots and getting the right people in place for the businesses that he has led to success. As the co-owner of multiple businesses Don Ressler has used different strategies to employ different celebrities, and he has been successful in doing this. When he wanted to appeal to a trendy crowd of fashionistas he chose Kimora Lee for the JustFab line. When he wanted to appeal to young and middle-aged women that were working out he chose Kate Hudson. This would be great for these brands because it gave Don Ressler that chance for women to connect with people that they looked up to.

The same thing has been done with other brands of clothing down the line. In the early stages Tommy Hilfiger used celebrity models like Aaliyah to promote this clothing on Crunchbase. There are other stars like Jennifer Lopez that have been used to model Louis Vuitton. A lot of clothing companies have thrived simply because celebrities have modeled the clothes. Don Ressler, however, was much smarter than this. He didn’t want to simply have a couple of celebrity models that have to be paid a fortune to model garments. This may not have yielded the best return on investment for his brands. Instead of getting models for a one-time fix he chose to incorporate these celebrities into the business structure on Brandettes. That would prove to be a much more powerful move.

Don Ressler is not new to luring female customers. He has made a name for himself with businesses like Intelligent Beauty long before people heard of Fabletics. It has made a considerable amount of money this way. Don Ressler just wanted to build a better brand that would appeal to even more people, and celebrities have made this happen for Fabletics and JustFab.