Jim Hunt; VTA publications Ltd Weekly market analysis

The global market has been very uncertain in the last few weeks. This has been hugely due to the unpredictability of the new US President Donald Trump. Jim Hunt has acted as the symbol of stability to investors with his analysis videos which have created some certainty. His analysis on YouTube focuses on the markets around the globe where he breaks down the numbers to make it easy to understand for every investor regardless of the level. His analysis is usually unbiased and gives very actual statistics of the markets to give each investor (whether a seasoned pro or just a beginner) a clear picture of the financial future of the global markets.

In his recent posting at http://www.streetwisenews.com/bankcodes/, he is urging his viewers to look at the bigger picture instead of looking at just the current events. He is looking at the markets all the way back to the 1980’s where he compares the current market status to the earlier bear markets. In the analysis, he gives a positive outlook to the more cynical investors.

He is however very cautious, given the recent political events and he points out that the events are affecting the markets. Hunt points out that investors had predicted the Trump victory and said that the decline in the market started even before the elections. This he says is due to the uncertainty that comes with the Trump presidency on prnewswire.co. Even with the tank of investor confidence, Hunt reports greater sector confidence. He is predicting that financial institutions will flourish in this turbulent times and also the industrial stocks will do well due to infrastructural changes that have been proposed on vtapublications.co. Hunt says that the market will be bearish, but some sectors will do well with the newly sworn-in president.

Established in 2012, VTA Publications Ltd is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses. It specializes in economics and finance where it strives to provide fore front data both digitally and physically.

VTA Publications endeavor to look for the best specialists in their field from around the globe who bring their experience directly to clients in a simple to utilize formats.

Thor Halvorssen’s Fight for the Respect of Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a household name in the world of human activisms. He started participating in the world of activism at a young age, this was necessitated by the underlying political situation that was being experienced in Venezuela. He was born in Venezuela from a political family. His father served as a minister in the government where he handled high profile cases. During the course of his duty, his father was arrested while undertaking an investigation in a powerful drug cartel syndicate. This was seen as an attempt by the government to cover up corrupt government officials from the illicit trade.

He was jailed without the due process which brought uprising of street protests. Thor Halvorssen participated actively in the demonstration that were all over the streets of Venezuela. This prompted the international and civil society bodies to intervene which resulted in his release. This was one of the major milestone that were made towards realization of political freedom in Venezuela. As a result, many political detainees in Venezuela became aware of their rights and privileges and were later released from prison. Thor Halvorssen developed interest in the civil activism during his life in the university where he studied a degree in English and American literature. During his life at the university, he was in charge as the editor of the school newspaper publication.

His mother was also involved in active demonstrations fighting for the rights and privileges of people to be respected. As a result, many people were shot at including her mother. This brought a lot of sensitization among members of the entire country who stood up to fight the bad regime. These challenges prompted Thor Halvorssen to establish the Human Right Foundation that stands for the respect of rights of people across the world. The organization has been promoting peaceful co-existence of people throughout the world.


EOS Beats the Odds and Rises to the Top

For years, the availability of lip balm was limited to drug stores. They were packaged in Chap Sticks like drugs and had only two to three varieties from which you could choose. However, a few years ago, a new kind of lip balm from EOS was introduced into the market. It had a broad range of flavors, and with no time, it was available in stores, supermarkets, and shops. The product popularity rose to the top due to celebrity advertisement.

Evolution of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) is an industry worth over 250 million dollars. The company lists as the second best-selling lip balm industry. This popularity is attributed to time and money spent on advertising. As a matter of fact, an EOS advert can be seen on Amazon and on fashion magazines. The company makes a sale of 1 million products weekly. The shift to natural and organic products that are the customers’ friendly has also played a significant role in the company’s success.

Mehra, one of the co-founders said that one of the basic things they did was to rethink the Tube. The company and its representatives carried out research in different consumer fields. The results showed that women were the most users of lip balms. It also revealed that women would lose the Chap Sticks for a fancier product. The aim was to ensure that the product was pleasurable during application. They, therefore, combined all the senses and came up with a product that had a better feel to the hands, tasted lovely, and smelled sweet. They came up with a Tagline. The sound the Balm case made when closing was also made appealing to the ear.

Despite having a competitive price, Mehra and Teller say that entry to the market was tough. They, however, landed a lady buyer at Walgreens who helped them launch their product. Later, the major stalls such as Target and Walmart  came in. Online merchants Amazon and eBay started to sell EOS too. The company targeted Millennials by using bloggers in advertising. The company has since, partnered with major players in the market.

For more information, visit the Evolution of Smooth.ca website.


Borrowing With Low Interest Rates

Equities First Holdings is a leader in what is called alternative shareholding financing. Their Website states, “We do one thing so you can do anything.” In essence, Equities First offers high loan to values at low interest rates. These may be in the form of non-purpose loans.Investopedia defines non-purpose loans: “A type of loan that uses an investment portfolio as loan collateral, and the proceeds of which can not be used to purchase, carry or trade securities.” This type of loan requires borrowers to state how they will use the funds, and the lender is required to inform the borrower if the loan is a non-purpose, or purpose loan.

Equities First appeals to business ventures or individuals who need capital in a short period of time, or those deemed not to qualify for conventional credit-based loans. Moreover, the economic climate is such that banks and more traditional lending institutions have tightened criteria concerning issuing loans.Equities First issues stock-based loans. These are in keeping with the definition of a non-purpose loan stated earlier. Some of the characteristics of a stock-based loan include

– Fixed interest rate between 3 percent and 4 percent

– Most stock-based loans allow the borrower to “walk away” and keep the initial loan proceeds. The borrower has no continued obligation to the lender.

– Stock-based loans are an efficient alternative lending solution.

In its nearly fifteen year history, Equities First has completed an estimated 650 transactions internationally. These transactions are estimated at around a total of $1.4 billion to date. The company is reported to be experiencing growth at present in the lending industry by such sources as “Market Wired,” in a July 2016 report.

Highland Capital – One Of The Largest Institutions In The Alternative Investment Space

Highland Capital is one of the most prestigious and globally acknowledged and acclaimed alternative credit managers and investment advisers, which along with its subsidiaries and affiliates have over $14 billion in assets under management. The company is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission and is specialized in credit strategies, distressed equity, special situation Equity First, credit hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations, long only funds, and more. The company offers its vast clientele a broad spectrum of alternative investment options, such as emerging markets, natural resources, long and short equities, and so on.

The client base of Highland Capital includes financial intuitions, fund of funds, public pension plans, high net worth individuals, governments, corporations, endowments, trusts, foundations, organizations, and so on. Highland Capital has its headquarters in Texas and has branches in Seoul, New York, Singapore and Sao Paulo. The company has been in the business for over 20 years, and the founding steps were taken in 1990 when the two founding partners, Mark Okada and James Dondero started a joint venture named Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The company dealt in fixed income markets and managed secured bank loans. In just a few years, the corporation evolved and grew to become Protective Asset Management Company, and was by then a SEC licensed and registered investment and financial advisor.

The company entered the alternative investment space in the year 2000 and started its first mutual fund in the year 2004. The continuous growth of the company was marked by the company opening its first ever international office in Singapore in 2008, and at Seoul in 2011. Highland Capital is also credited with launching one of the first ever non-bank collateralized loan obligation (CLO) in 1996. Since then, the company has managed, monitored and structured over 39 CDOs and CLOs, which accounts for over $32 Billion in assets value. It makes the Highland Capital, the world’s largest CLO manager.The company continues to remain dynamic even after achieving great heights of success and has branched out comprehensively in the investment market to provide clients with result-oriented and customized investment strategies, which promises to fetch high returns.


How Desiree Perez Set Tidal Apart

Title is the music streaming service that people are starting to talk about it now because this company had a really great year with artists like Kanye West, Beyoncé and Rihanna. These are all artists that had big time releases in 2016 and the exclusive content that was available on the title website drew many customers to this app. It is the sharp mindset of Desiree Perez that allowed Tidal to penetrate the market with an incredible amount of exclusive content.


This is something that other executives may not have considered in the past, but there is definitely a strong desire for consumers to acquire the exclusive content that they can’t get anywhere else. This is why Target is able to lure consumers with Target exclusive releases. This same magic works for music streaming, and consumers are going to sign up for service if they can get access to exclusive material.   Check on this.


The reality is that there are a lot of people that are going to stay with the music streaming service that they have because they have a free account. What Desiree Perez is focusing on is the people that are looking for something more than a basic free account. She had her sights on getting people to come to Tidal if they were interested in something that was different than what they have been seeing for. Desiree Perez knew that there was a lot to be said for a company that could bring forth video and audio streaming. People that are interested in concerts have the ability to see this type of footage on Tidal. This is not anything that is available anywhere else. That may be the reason that more people are starting to invest in an account with Tidal. This is the only app with concert streaming.

Source www.billboard.com


AXA Advisors

Mr. Parascandola’s Role

Vincent Parascandola, Senior Executive Vice President of AXA in New York, knows the game of multinational insurance like no other. He has worked in this unique field for over 26 years and is considered an expert by many. He began, like any successful man of business, with early and humble roots, moving his way up the corporate ladder with time, persistence and dedication to the cause.

Mr. Parascandola served as an employee of Mony Securities Corporation for over 14 years and then began to work for AXA in 2005. He owns two registered licenses through FINRA and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. He manages nearly 10 billion USD in assets.

AXA: A History

“The company was originally founded in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie (the Ancienne Mutuelle). It acquired Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie in 1978 and became Mutuelles Unies.[8] It went on to buy the Drouot Group in 1982, becoming Mutuelles Unies/Drouot. It adopted the AXA name in 1985.

Locations Served

AXA serves the greater regions of the UK and US, as well as Mexico, Canada, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. The Asia Pacific region hosts a number of different subsidiary names under parent company AXA. They include those of AXA Philippines in the Philippines, AXA Mandiri in Indonesia, AXA Affin General Insurance in Malaysia, ICBC-AXA Life and AXA Tian Ping in China, Bharti-AXA Life and Bharti-AXA General Insurance in India, AXA Direct Insurance in Japan and Krungthai-AXA Life Insurance in Thailand.


AXA funds 256 known research projects, and that number is only growing at a rapid pace. Next week, it may well change. These research projects have been introduced and put into effect in 22 countries already, with plans to further expand into other countries and their surrounding regions. The research staff in these countries is of 42 different races respectively. Ezra Suleiman heads the Scientific Board and allows for the research to continue in this current list of countries served. Philanthropic opportunity grows beyond AXA’s reach.

Omar Boraie and Precision Medicine

According to Newswise, Omar Boraie’s donation of more than $1.5 million contributed to the establishment of the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science.

As an incentive and in order to help improve the field of precision medicine, the businessman Boraie made a pledge of donating about $1.5 million to Rutgers University in order to help establish the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. Endowed chairs are highly sought after on behalf of universities. Patch.com reveals they represent a university’s commitment to an academic field. Thanks to endowed chairs, professors are able to propel great improvements in their fields of expertise. The Omar Boraie in Genomic Science is also part of Rutgers University’s challenge campaign, which is composed of 18 new chairs. The campaign was possible too thanks to a monetary donation of $54 million on behalf of an anonymous generous donor.

In a report by NJ Biz, the field of precision medicine has slowly been bringing changes in the medical community. The model of precision medicine focuses on things such as genetics and lifestyle factors. And in the case of cancer, oncologists can utilize methods that revolve around genomic science in order to treat cancerous tumors. The main focus is to be able to provide efficient individualized therapies. Precision medicine is currently very important. It has even been recognized by President Barack Obama. Rutgers Cancer Institute was also the first institution of its type in New Jersey to utilize genomic sequencing on patients with cancer. People, for example with cancer who have become immune to treatments have benefited from precision medicine. This type of medical approach has also helped people with unconventional types of cancer.

Boraie, https://www.crunchbase.com/person/omar-boraie#/entity, a man with a rigorous background in chemistry who cares deeply about the scientific community, is glad that he was able to help found the new academic program. Boraie, who also hopes to motivate others to contribute to the field of precision medicine, thinks that this type of medical approach will help many others as well as revolutionize the medical industry. According to the director of Rutgers Cancer Institute Robert S. DiPaola, Boraie’s contributions left an important legacy in the medical community. It will help people throughout the world a lot. Shridar Ganesan, an oncologist, researcher and professor of Rutgers University, will lead the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science. According to the medical professional, genomic analysis brings new and different ways of dealing with cancerous cells. Genomic sequencing allows for better outcomes in regards to cancer therapies. More information about Rutgers Cancer Institute can be found on its website.


Donald Trump Victory Discussed by George Soros

The 2016 Presidential election was one of the most intense elections in history. While Donald Trump was the eventual winner, his victory was a disappointment and concern of millions of people. Many notable public figures have shown their distaste and disappointment in the decision. One person that has been clearly disappointed in the results has been George Soros.

In the weeks following the election, George Soros has made a lot of bold statements about Donald Trump and the election results. Soros has continued to state that he does not trust Trump and that he believes that Trump is a con man. Soros has stated that he believes that the next four years with Trump will be very unpredictable and that even Trump likely has no idea what he will attempt to achieve.

Similar to other people, Soros believes that Trump did not expect to win the primary or the general election on Snopes. Instead, it is believed that Trump was focused on building his personal brand in order to boost his businesses across the globe. Now that he is in office, many believe that Trump will be taking an approach to the presidency that will be very controversial. Fortunately, the infrastructure of the US government will make it hard for Trump to complete many of the tasks that he has alluded to.

George Soros is best known for founding and managing his own hedge fund company, Soros Funds. In his 50 years managing the company, he has personally amassed a net worth in excess of $25 billion, which has made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. While he is best known for his success in business, Soros is also recognized as being leading political and social activists on Business Insider.

Soros, who is from Hungary originally and spent much of his life living in the United Kingdom, has spent a lot of time focusing on the US economy and political landscape on Forbes. Soros has been a very vocal supporter of Democratic candidates over the past few election cycles. During the 2004 election, George Soros was a strong supporter of a bid to unseat George Bush. During the 2008 primaries, George Soros gave a considerable amount of money to the Hillary Clinton campaign, which ultimately lost to Barak Obama.

Soros’ most significant contributions likely came during the most recent presidential election process. Soros reportedly has donated over $10 million to the Clinton campaign and raised millions of additional dollars from wealthy democrats. After the election, Soros was involved in the organization of a last-minute meeting between Democratic Party leaders in an attempt to develop a plan for the party’s future.

Tops The List Of Texas Banking Institutions

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a Dallas-based financial company that functions through three main businesses. These financial businesses include mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking. Their professional team is experienced in giving clients personalized solutions that meet their needs.



This financial services firm is ranked the 13th largest bank in the entire state of Texas and the 4th largest bank in Dallas. Their legal lending limit is an astounding $82.7 million, but has the capabilities to lend larger amounts. NexBank mainly services institutional clients, corporations, financial institutions, and individuals from all over the country.



The company offers its clients unparalleled value through their custom solutions. Their charter dates back to 1922, allowing them to stay committed to their mission of providing banking services to meet every one of their clients’ needs.



Their services include personal checking and savings accounts, mortgages, commercial checking and savings accounts, treasury management, commercial lending, corporate banking and lending, acquisitions and mergers, corporate finance and advisory, agency services, and investment banking. NexBank has services for everyone.



Among their expert professionals are many executive leaders that ensure NexBank delivers the best service to its clients. John Holt stands as the company’s leader; as its President and CEO. His responsibilities include creating and executing the company’s strategies, and overseeing the company’s financial performance. Under his leadership, the company has grown into one of the largest Dallas-based banks, with assets of over $4 billion. Holt also sits on the Board of Directors of the Texas Bankers Association and is Vice President of the Texas Bankers Association’s Community Bankers Council.



Alongside John Holt are NexBank’s Chief Operating Officer Matt Siekielski, Chief Financial Officer Craig Korbuly, Chief Credit Officer Rhett Miller, and Senior Managing Director Craig Campbell. These leaders create a formidable team to ensure quality banking services are NexBank’s top priority.