Alex A Molinaroli: CEO of Ford’s Shift to Green

Alex A Molinaroli is the CEO of Ford Motor Company. He has been with the company for decades and has helped lead it through periods of growth, decline, and now a new period of expansion. The world’s global population will increase by 50% before 2050. This means that there are going to be more people on earth than ever before which will have an impact on things like energy consumption, food production, water use etc. To help tackle these issues in our changing world, sustainable development principles are needed more than ever. Automotive manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company are trying to get ahead of the curve and get ready for what might come.

Allow me to explain how this all ties into Alex A Molinaroli’s role at Ford:

Ford is the world’s biggest producer of commercial vehicles, but there are some in Europe that have started shifting away from diesel to gas engines. One of the main reasons for this is because today’s natural gas prices are so much cheaper compared to twenty years ago, which makes converting a diesel engine to run on compressed natural gas an appealing choice for many companies.

And that’s exactly what Ford Motor Company has done with their new CNG-powered trucks. Alex A Molinaroli has played a big role in these developments, being the lead engineer on the new F-650 and F-750 CNG trucks. These are popular choices among construction companies because they can carry payloads of up to 33 thousand pounds while still getting 11 MPG.

Another interesting development happening at Ford Motor Company is their use of more recycled materials in some of their vehicles. For example, some parts can be recycled as many as six times before being retired from use. This is a major improvement compared to past practices where those same parts would have been used just once or twice at most.

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