Since college, Andrew Frame has had several start-ups, and he believes that this experience makes him a better engineer, manager, and business person. He advises entrepreneurs to stay true to themselves, and they should not sell out to big businesses because they will eventually come back and bite them.

The entrepreneur was a network engineer and worked for Cisco from 2001-to 2006. Since then, he started his consulting firm, Citizen Network Engineering Inc., which provides networking, cloud computing, big data, security, and VoIP implementation services. Andrew Frame is the active CEO of Citizen.

One of the reasons he is so excited about Citizen is that it has already saved lives, and it continues to save lives every day. The app allows users to send emergency alerts directly from their smartphones with one tap. The app automatically notifies the nearest fire department, police station, ambulance, hospital, and many more.

Citizens App has developed an artificial intelligence technology using phone sensors to predict when people are at risk for natural disasters such as tornados, floods, or earthquakes. The company’s solution allows individuals to submit their address data to help mitigate the effects of these events. You can instantly notify everyone around you that you’re okay and help them respond faster when they need it most.

Andrew Frame hugely credits his success to using a deeper understanding of customer experience data to guide product decisions and create new features for customers. He uses analytics to understand the needs of different types of customers and build new features accordingly. Customer feedback is used to refine the product based on our users’ wants continuously.

Andrew Frame aimed to build a business that could help others start businesses like mine. We were going to create something truly significant for our customers. And we were going to use technology and data analytics to revolutionize the entire process of starting a company.

He believes that the best way to learn and grow is to surround yourself with smart and talented people, which helps hire people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Smart people will learn and grow together. Be open-minded when considering new hires, and remember that all work requires commitment and effort. Don’t let politics get in the way of making great decisions. Refer to this article for related information.


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