Benefits and Deployment of the Ombori People Counter: What is a People Counter, Why You Should Use One?

A people counter is a device that counts the number of people who pass by one point in space. Have you ever been to a crowded public area and wondered how many people were there? The tech has the answer. Ombori is a company that specializes in developing solutions for counting and tracking human movements. Ombori’s People Counter is an innovative solution to this problem, and it can be deployed across various industries: retail, healthcare, manufacturing etc.

People counters usually are lodged at entries or other necessary points to survey the number of people who pass a specific entrance. They count the number of people entering and leaving over a while. In addition to tracking visitors, they also convey and interpret data to yield information that administrators can use to facilitate operations and enhance the visitors’ experience.

Different people counters are readily available. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) and stereo vision depend on video technology to monitor occupancy. Inexpensive devices include thermal counters that track the movement of people by their temperature, suitable for high-traffic places.

Ombori Tech has been designing and deploying these devices for various industries since 2010, and we have found several benefits to using them. The Ombori People Counter can be used as either an online or offline solution depending on your needs. These benefits include: counting both pedestrians and vehicles with high accuracy, measuring traffic flow rates, gathering data about demographics such as gender, age-range and ethnicity, tracking queue lengths at retail stores, collecting data about footfall patterns around public spaces like museums and galleries. Ombori’s People Counter is an effective solution for a wide range of industries, and Ombori Tech can help you determine if it would be beneficial to use one. This information can be used to improve operations.

They maximize People Counters tech in the Public Sector to improve customer service and even change how these places are designed. Ombori People Counter is an essential part of the business toolkit.