Bringing the Wealth Gap Closer is The Goal of James Gutierrez

James Gutierrez is a US-based humanitarian and an expert in fintech technology. For his entire life, James works towards bettering the lives of others, with his primary concern being the elimination of the wider wealth gap that has existed for multiple decades. Shockingly, 10% of the wealthiest Americans possess more wealth than the majority number made up of 90% of its population. What saddens James and others is how the tax system is loose to the point of allowing the proverbial pay less than the set corporate tax of 29%. As he continues to lobby for a favorable system, James Gutierrez, through his inclusive fintech companies: Aura and Oportun, has continued to help the have-nots build strong banking relationships and credit ratings to be able to access loans with ease.

With these two companies, Gutierrez is proud to have helped thousands of people in the working class hack the system by securing the same financial opportunities as the rich. To start with, his enterprises that have received CDFI certification helps the underserved have good credit scores. Though since the founding of these companies, James Gutierrez has been focusing on assisting the minority, for he felt the system didn’t favor them, the pandemic has proved that a lot needs to be done to black Americans.

While the average white suffered from the pandemic just like the back, the recovery process has proved the existence of racial discrimination, which James and other activists are working hard to bring to a stop. James realized the employment rate for minority white Americans reduced with a reduction in the effects of the pandemic while that of the black community kept on rising. To prevent the wealth gap from deepening, James Gutierrez and other inclusivity leaders are out to save the situation. James, on his side, makes available low-interest rate loans to the underserved.

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