CEO Mullen Lowe Brazil comments on the pitfalls of content and inbound marketing

An old maxim “advertising is the soul of business” is seen to be gaining a companion: “content is the soul of business.” More and more companies are becoming skillful at content marketing, with her partner, inbound marketing. Entrepreneurs expect to get great results depending on the strategy to solve their problems. But we need to understand first the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing.

José Borghi, the CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, formally known as Borghi Lowe, say that inbound marketing is an approach to attract audiences by providing a material that will solve their difficulties, that is, delivering relevant content. That way the brand gets to be trusted by customers.

On the other hand, content marketing joins this process by constructing the relevant material. If it succeeds, the client will make a purchase or contract service. If one becomes excited about the possibility of having more customers, the strategy mind ends up being poorly planned and fail. Thus it requires a cautious development.

Content marketing concepts that may spread wrongly leading to an alleged instant solution

Look smart. Most companies believe that publishing an original content of its website on social networks will earn some points, but José Borghi says that it’s not enough in content marketing strategy. He says that SEO optimization, buyer personality study, and buying journey is what is required to avoid disappointment.

Be useful. It is the principal pillar of content marketing and advertising. But there is the need to understand first the reader and what is important to him. For instance one need to ask about who the target user is and the expected time of his purchase. Because it will make no sense talking about the benefits of a product to satisfied customers who already made a purchase, one needs to provide information on benefits rather than the evidence of purchase.

Be present. At the current height of social networks, no company should risk being left out. Most Brazilian advertising agencies applaud the marketing offered by social media. It is important to disclose material in critical areas but ensure that the information falls in right platforms of social networks. Additionally, Mullen Lowe Brazil recalls that being present is not just posting things and go expecting positive advertising. One needs to be present by commenting and responding to clients.

If the content and inbound marketing strategies are applied in a shallow manner, the expected results might not be achieved. If the strategy at some point seemed like an easy solution, then you need to rethink. It requires preparation and patience. Sometimes contracting an Ad agency might assist in the process.

How to Market According to Jose Borghi

Jose Borghi is one person that is known for his agency known as Mullen Lowe where he is the CEO. By himself, he graduated from PUC-Campinas School with a degree in advertising and propaganda. In this article, we are going to look at his career as a whole, his company and his views on how you can do proper marketing especially in times of crisis.

About his career

Jose’s career started in a way that even he was not aware of. He was still in school at the third year level when his sister invited him to a function where he was asked to put forward his ideas of what people should do in the future. He did not know the function was an award presentation ceremony to the creative minds out there and this provided him with the platform to showcase his talent.

After graduating, in the year 1989, he officially kick-started his career by working as an editor at the Standart Ogilvy agency. In 2002, he went on to partner with Erh Ray forming an agency known as BorghiErh. Four years later, the agency partnered with the multinational Lowe, and eventually, BorghiErh started adopting the name Lowe. After Erh left, the company officially became Borghi Lowe. The company since then has grown to be a success winning several awards. Recently, the agency merged with another multinational agency known as Mullen thereby forming Mullen Lowe.

How to market according to Jose Borghi

With his vast experience in the industry, Jose Borghi has gone on to explain how proper marketing can be done especially during times of crisis. He says that during such times, journalists and advertisers can take the opportunity to prove their relevance. For instance, he says that, at a time when a country is in economic crisis, the role of advertisers is even bigger.

According to him, marketers can help a country from going into the economic crisis. By monitoring the trends in the market, they can foresee a crisis and necessary measures can be put into place. That is how he has been able to gain so much success in the field and urges other marketers to do the same.