Beneful -Providing the Best in Dog Food

The dog brand Beneful, by Purina has been impacting the dog food business for quite some time. This Purina line of products includes both wet and dry dog food along with a number of dog treats. In just the past few years Beneful has been recognized as the ourth most popular dog food brand in the world bringing in an astonishing $1.5 billion in annual revenue. Beneful has become one of Purina’s most successful brands.

The term “Beneful” refers to ‘full of goodness.’ When the Beneful brand was introduced in 2001, in came onto the market with a focus on health. The brand was marketed on the basis of nutrition and appearance. The Beneful brand was important to Nestle Purina dog food. They poured more than 30 million dollars into television advertising campaign. Success would soon follow. In 2006 Beneful generated more than 300 million dollars in revenue.

Beneful exclusively produces food to include wet or canned foods and snacks. In 2005 they added The Beneful Healthy Harvest product line. It was the company’s the company’s first premium dry dog food to feature soy as the main protein source. Beneful Prepared Meals include eight flavors, resealable- multipurpose packaging and containers that also serve as a dog food bowl. Beneful is committed to providing the best in healthy dog products and should continue to do so for years to come.

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