EOS Beats the Odds and Rises to the Top

For years, the availability of lip balm was limited to drug stores. They were packaged in Chap Sticks like drugs and had only two to three varieties from which you could choose. However, a few years ago, a new kind of lip balm from EOS was introduced into the market. It had a broad range of flavors, and with no time, it was available in stores, supermarkets, and shops. The product popularity rose to the top due to celebrity advertisement.

Evolution of Smooth (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) is an industry worth over 250 million dollars. The company lists as the second best-selling lip balm industry. This popularity is attributed to time and money spent on advertising. As a matter of fact, an EOS advert can be seen on Amazon and on fashion magazines. The company makes a sale of 1 million products weekly. The shift to natural and organic products that are the customers’ friendly has also played a significant role in the company’s success.

Mehra, one of the co-founders said that one of the basic things they did was to rethink the Tube. The company and its representatives carried out research in different consumer fields. The results showed that women were the most users of lip balms. It also revealed that women would lose the Chap Sticks for a fancier product. The aim was to ensure that the product was pleasurable during application. They, therefore, combined all the senses and came up with a product that had a better feel to the hands, tasted lovely, and smelled sweet. They came up with a Tagline. The sound the Balm case made when closing was also made appealing to the ear.

Despite having a competitive price, Mehra and Teller say that entry to the market was tough. They, however, landed a lady buyer at Walgreens who helped them launch their product. Later, the major stalls such as Target and Walmart  came in. Online merchants Amazon and eBay started to sell EOS too. The company targeted Millennials by using bloggers in advertising. The company has since, partnered with major players in the market.

For more information, visit the Evolution of Smooth.ca website.


Wengie’s ten healthy cute hair hack.

Wengie is back, and this time with ten hair hacks for the everyday girl. Of course, this video starts off with a small peek of what you are going to get to see in the full video. I think doing this is a great idea to show viewers of what is to come. So, they can get a feel for the video and decide if it is what they are looking for. She also gives you a chance to like, and follow her. This video is full of great information along with her spunky personality. She doesn’t only show you hair styles in this video. She also shows you some hair health tricks. She does all of this in true Wengie fashion by making it interesting and fun to watch. All while making it easy to follow and learn each hack. In this video Wengie covers hair health from vitamins and fruit you can eat to a nice little hair mask. She also covers many easy, cute, and different hair dos that are simple to do. They are also time efficient. Wengie keeps her video interesting and fun like always. Way better than watching or reading the normal boring hack videos. Along with her amazing personality and great information, this video is packed with great editing and music. These are hair hacks that are not the same old hair hacks that are posted all over the internet. They are also everyday hair hacks that the everyday person could use, and do there self. Along with giving you hacks to keep your hair healthy, she explains why you should do it, and what the benefits are.