Jason Hope doesn’t Shy Away from Big Philanthropy when He Believes in a Cause

In the United States, the biggest single medical killer is heart attack. This disease is the direct result of a long disease process, referred to as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis has long been known to the medical profession. This insidious disease has almost no symptoms, until the point when it’s too late. The first symptom of atherosclerosis is oftentimes death from an acute myocardial infarction and read full article.

Jason Hope is one of the country’s foremost internet entrepreneurs. The Arizona native has founded a string of highly successful internet start-up companies, since graduating from Arizona state university in 1995. Jason Hope has long had an intense interest in medical research and the ways in which modern medicine can combine with technology to produce phenomenal results and, ultimately, longer life spans and more robust health for all American citizens.

It was this intense interest in the medical research establishment that led Hope, who had made millions of dollars from his various tech startups, to dedicate a large donation to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is one of the nation’s leading medical research organizations, specializing in all areas of medicine pertaining to the aging process and the degenerative diseases that are often seen in advanced geriatric cases and Jason on facebook.

Hope’s donation will go directly to atherosclerosis research. But Hope believes that this will do much more than simply further the understanding of the underlying cause of the nation’s single largest killer, heart attacks. Arthrosclerotic disease is also the main cause of many other disease states. These include stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, peripheral artery disease, diabetic nephropathy as well as many other serious illnesses. Taken together, diseases with atherosclerosis as an underlying etiology outstrip all other causes of death, by far and what Jason knows.

But the payoff is even bigger than this would, at first, suggest. Hope believes that, if medical researchers can get a solid handle on the underlie molecular processes that lead to atherosclerosis, including the inflammatory response to injury of vascular walls, that we will be making serious inroads to finding the real world Fountain of Youth. This is because, as Hope explains, nearly all diseases associated with advancing age are the product of inflammatory processes, much like those seen in atherosclerosis and more information click here.

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Troy McQuagge and His Expert Work with the USHealth Group

Troy McQuagge serves as the CEO of USHealth Group, and he has committed his time to improving the company in every way. He was given an award at the World CEO Awards because of what he has done with the company, and he is proving that his capabilities are above those of many others. This article explains how Troy has helped the company grow, and there is a look at what it takes to build a large company.

#1: More Insurance Plans

The insurance plans that are offered by the company come in two primary forms. There are group insurance plans that may be offered to businesses, and there are family plans that may be purchased privately. Someone who wishes to buy insurance for their family may do so at any time, and a company may purchase a set of group plans for their employees. Troy has grown the company to a level where it may serve all these customers with fine service.

#2: Finding Corporate Partners

Troy has found many corporate partners for the company who have purchased group insurance plans, and they may pay a premium to the company to help their employees. There are quite a few people who will enjoy paying less for insurance every month because of the way these policies were created, and the company may purchase a bulk set of plans that are helpful for everyone and learn more about Troy.

#3: Troy Offers Fine Leadership

Troy is offering fine leadership that helps the company grow, and he has an open door policy that allows all his staff to consult with him about the direction of the firm. He knows how to help bring the company into the present with simple techniques such as expansion into each market, and he accepts ideas from his team that will make the company easier to work with. Troy McQuagge knows that the insurance business is quite a complex one, and he plans to ensure the company is using the finest ideas from anyone who works there.

#4: His Award

Troy was given the gold medal at the World CEO Awards for all the work he has done with his company. He has built his company into a powerhouse that is one of the largest in the world, and he is supporting many different insurance ventures with help from his staff. The company is growing every year because of his business prowess, and it is open to many new ideas and Troy on Facebook.

Troy McQuagge has built one of the largest businesses in the world using his leadership skills, and many people may purchase their insurance from the company at lower prices. Everyone who needs better insurance coverage may trust Troy and his management style.

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Troy McQuagge – A Leader in American Healthcare

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHealth Group (“USHealth”) has been instrumental to the company’s success. He recently received the One Planet Award, which honors business and professional excellence from a variety of industries in both the profit and non-profit sectors. It wasn’t the first award McQuagge obtained recognizing his contributions to expanding USHealth. In 2016 he received the World Annual CEO Award for the innovative approach he used to help expand USHealth.

Despite his success, Troy McQuagge seems humble, as he stresses that USHealth’s success was based on the quality of its services, stating, ““This recognition is less about me and more of a testament to USHEALTH’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Our products provide incredible value to our customers and a remarkable opportunity for our captive career agents. I am privileged to be associated with such an innovative company.”

McQuagge joined USHealth in 2010. His first project was to reorganize the way USHealth distributed its services by reorganizing its partnering distribution company, USHealth Advisors. He was successful, and this helped expand the company’s customer base, and led to McQuagge being elected the companies President in 2014. Troy McQuagge on Twitter.

The future of Healthcare in America is uncertain, but that competition will be fierce among the different insurance companies is one of the few certainties. McQuagge is a solid and tested asset as a CEO for USHealth. The company is better because of him, and so is the United States Healthcare Industry as a whole. Undoubtedly, McQuagge’s contributions to America’s Healthcare will continue to shape the industry in a positive direction.


The Swiss Startup Factory and the Way Mike Baur Buildings

The Swiss Startup Factory has managed to become a very powerful resource. Mike Baur is the founder of this company, and he has given entrepreneurs access to a lot of different resources. There are a ton of people that are looking for an opportunity to connect with other executives in the business world.


The average entrepreneur that has started using the resources of the Swiss Startup Factory will notice that this is one those companies that offers a swift turn around in the business world. The business is only as good as the business leader that is running things. What Mike Baur does is get these business professionals in place to run their businesses. Starting a business can be a big deal, and Mike Baur is the person that helps an entrepreneur lead without becoming overwhelmed.


The people that panic in the business world are often the ones that are not prepared. They have not done their homework so they cringe at the thought of the unexpected. What the Swiss Startup Factory does is prepare business leaders for these types of unexpected events. There are consultants in place that are going to provide the right advice for people that are interested in building their business structure quickly. This is why Mike Baur created the 360 accelerator program. He wanted to help anyone get on the fast track if they desired to do so.


The business world is filled with a lot of competitive business leaders that have a business plan with no marketing campaign. Consultants that are under the leadership of Mike Baur can help business leaders make that leap towards a better marketing campaign. This is such an important aspect of marketing. It is not just for the marketing to customers. The marketing campaign also has to appeal to venture capitalists as well. This is what the Swiss Startup Factory is doing to many first time entrepreneurs. It is the company that is helping business leaders establish a better route to venture capitalism. Funding can be everything when it comes to building a business properly, and Mike Baur is going to help those that need this type of funding.


Mike Baur has become an investor that has helped entrepreneurs transition from one stage to the next. Businesses really see their growth when they opt for an accelerator program. They can see how their business has the potential to grow.

Real Estate Becoming an Attractive Business in Miami Beach

The astounding elements in Miami Beach make the real estate business greatly welcoming. The miles of impressive shorelines joined by parks, worldwide class eateries, greens, shopping, craftsmanship and culture, makes Miami Beach special in the eyes of investors. A lace of Atlantic sand within the seven square mile city makes it an extraordinary zone to visit. On one side of the beach is the Biscayne Bay that faces the Miami’s Intracoastal Waterway islands. The great landscape of Miami Beach mirrors the chronicled scenario of Southern Florida, notwithstanding the reclamation of the zone that started in the 1930s and continued in the late 1980s.

Miami Beach is a City of its kind with a blend of key past experiences thus making it alluring spot. Another factor that makes the real estate business to boom is the cool Art Deco Historic District in addition to the reputation of South Beach that have continued to attract major deals and investors in real estate. Miami Beach Real Estate is in this way a great zone with various financial experts taking after the beach’s patterns reliably.

Samuel Strauch is an affirmed specialist in real estate based in Florida sometime and as of now working with Affinity Realty Group Inc within Miami Beach. Samuel has finished exchanges in different parts including Hollywood, Miami Beach, Miami, Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, and Margate. HomeLight breaks down Samuel as one of the essential 12% of land specialists in Miami Beach for effectively trading homes and furthermore one of the fundamental 16% of real estate specialist who tackles his deals quickly.

HomeLight has had Samuel’s information on 38 exchanges that he finished from 2009, with 7 having been done in the previous two years. Samuel Strauch for the most part represents 78% of time proportion for buyers, despite having finalized with 8 trades amid that time. Samuel Strauch has been by a long shot beneficial in Miami Beach whereby he has successfully completed trades worth tremendous of dollars. With the high increasing of real estate within Miami Beach, Samuel Strauch star in the fragment has continued shining.

Nine9’s Creator Is One Inspiring Business Expert

In the world of business and marketing, Nine9 is one of the best in the industry for two reasons; their users who are in the entertainment industry can accomplish results and the team behind the company is the best out there. The creator of the company, Anthony Toma, wanted to work closely with the team to give them all the right resources that they needed to ensure they flourish with their work and can experience real success in business. Tomas works genuinely hard to listen to the team and pay attention to how they could use help to further build the brand. Click Here for Nine9 Reviews.

Anthony Tamos has talked about the different ways the business has grown through an interview recently with IdeaMensch. He said that using social media sites like Facebook has helped build the brand as efficiently as possible. It’s amazing what the company has accomplished over the years. Nine9 Talent Agency stands behind the idea that working hard does pay off. Their one marketing strategy was working closely with Entrepreneurial Operating System to help with developing the brand and setting efficient goals for three years and in the next ten years. It helped them also know how to find the right people to build the company. They understood that not everybody was going to be working in the right place, so this company helped set them straight as an agency. See Photos .

Nine9 works together with a wide variety of people both behind the scenes and also with their actors. Anthony loves the idea of having people from all walks of life, including those who don’t fit the supermodel or Hollywood look, join the team and get into the acting industry. There is a role for everybody in this business, and it’s about seeking it out and this is what Nine9 is most known for genuinely pursuing. Nine9 at Facebook .

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