Discover The Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of A Leading Financial Institution

NexBank is a leading financial institution that is known for becoming one of the largest growing online banks in the industry. They have quickly grown with over 246,000+ additional online customers. NexBank is based in Dallas, Texas with over 50+ years of financial experience. They are backed with over $40 million dollars in assets to ensure your finances are in good hands. In fact, all of the financial institutions associated with NexBank are FDIC insured. You can become a valuable part of the NexBank branch by visiting their local office or browsing their website for account features that work best for you.

NexBank Features

– Free online bill pay

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– IRA accounts

– Mortgage accounts

and much more…

They focus on business and industrial accounts to satisfy their customers need for high end bank accounts with flexible terms. You can put your money in an interest bearing savings account that will gain over 1.9% interest after six months. NexBank is committed to assuring that your money does more than just sit in a bank account by allowing it to grow with interest and other investment options. In fact, you can get great home buyer and installment loan offers to assist you with your financial future.

NexBank has partnered with the local Dallas, Habitat For Humanity to give their customer first time homeowner options. They want to help their customers realize their dreams of owning a home with lower interests rates and monthly payments. If parents and students are concerned with the rising cost of college tuition and other expenses, you can take part in a college savings program with over 1,200+ program offers. New Jersey based, College Savings Bank is a part of this wonderful offer allotted to NexBank customers exclusively.

Become a part of NexBank and maximize your money today.