Is Entrepreneur, Technologist, & Businessman Eric Pulier The Real Deal?

After reading the title you should have a better sense to where this article is going. The title alone let’s the reader know that this person has something that others don’t. Being considered “the real deal” is a compliment and mean that you’re at the highest level of the your craft whatever it may be. To simply state it, Eric Pulier is definitely without a doubt the real deal and this is why.

  • Highly Successful Businessman
  • Founded Over 15 Companies
  • Donated Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars For Charity
  • Developed Many Advanced Pieces of Technology
  • Raised Million of Dollars For Start-Up Businesses
  • Prominent Guest Speaker

That along is reason to enough to end the discussion, but let’s dig a bit deeper into who this extraordinary person is. Eric Pulier is from Teaneck, New Jersey and now lives in The City of Angels (L.A.). He attended one of the most prestigious higher education facilities in the country being Harvard University. While at Harvard he used his spare time wisely even though he was strapped for free-time with all of his many personal endeavors. Some of his extra activities are being the editor and column writer of the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication. Did you know that during this time frame he attended classes at neighboring MIT? That’s right! By 1988 Pulier’s college career would come to an end as graduated magna cum laude.

This brilliant thinker seems to have a hand in many different things whether it’s technology, government, or healthcare. Pulier arranged and developed technology that would allow astronauts to interact with actual people here on earth. This was done by a live feed and it was far ahead of it’s time at the time. This business minded individual sold one of his last founded companies for $350 Million. Eric Pulier is definitely the real deal and this short article on scratches the surface of what he has achieved and done for society as a whole.

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