The Style of Fabletics

Fabletics is a play on words combining athletics and fabulous, which is exactly what the name brand line of athletic wear looks and feels like. This line of clothing was developed by world famous actress Kate Hudson.


From the blog a Foodie Stays Fit, she endeavors to answer review questions about Fabletics and what they have to offer customers. Ultimately if you really want to find out how good Fabletics are, you should try some for yourself. They are both affordable and stylish to match any style or personality for leisure or athletic activity.


So the Foodie Stays Fit asks several question in her analysis to show how good a product Fabletics is. She compares cost, style, feel, as well as use of website and Fabletics customer service.


The first area to focus on is cost. Fabletics provides customers an opportunity to be VIP members through the website which gives low entry level costs for first-time buyers. As a VIP member, if you do not want any new Fabletics-ware for the month there is no cost to decline. Other outfits at regular price are still more affordable than the expensive name brands.


Fit and feel would be the next area to discuss, and the Foodie Stays Fit provides a unique insight. The clothing is strong, durable, yet flexible and keeps its shape for much longer than the average athletic ware. The clothing is also thick enough so it is not see through. Again, for the affordable cost of what you pay for Fabletics, you receive superior quality clothing.


The website and customer service needed a little tweaking, but they still help you find what you are looking for in Fabletics-ware to match your style and inner personality.


So the overall consensus for Fabletics for the girl on the go who wants a good workout and looks good while they sweat is they are a great buy. You get a large variety of style at an affordable price for clothing that does not wear out easily.


The best part about Fabletics is the potential of the clothing line. Though they are known for workouts and leisure, Fabletics is starting to venture into bolder areas such as swimwear and evening wear. As the Foodie Stays Fit says, buy the Oula tanks, they come in a zillion colors and fit perfectly.

Make it the Night of Your Life With Lime Crime


It’s Friday night in the city and all your friends are going out. You adorn your favorite, little black dress, the perfect pair of red pumps and that killer red lipstick that turns all the boys heads. But wait! Do you know what went into making that perfect shade of red? Were these products tested on animal, or possibly have animal ingredients? Don’t take the chance, go with a trusted brand that is commented to keeping all animals safe and all lips popping with powerful lip colors!

Lime Crime offers just this with all of their amazing products. This means that no animals were harmed when making their products and ingredients were tested on animals. You can also feel safe using these products because of their Vegan make-up, which ensures no animal ingredients or byproducts, will be in any of your make-up.  In fact, their LimeCrime Pinterest page shows how these can be incorporated into a vegan lifestyle.


Animal cruelty is something this company is strongly against. Lime Crime proudly tell their clients about employees that are animal lovers and enjoy fostering and adopting pets. So not only can you get amazing products that just light the nightlight on fire, and have you in the spot light … but you also are ensured that you night on the town was not at the expense of some helpless animal. I think that’s something everyone can get on the party train about!  Buy em on Amazon, or just take a look at how Lime Crime can improve your image on Tumblr.

How Fabletics Could Just Take On Amazon And Win

Ask the average person where they buy the majority of their clothes, and you’re likely to get the same answer you would from most: Amazon.

While many people still enjoy the fun of going to an offline shop and feeling the cloth between their fingertips, they are clearly going the way of the dodo. More people are turning to e-commerce as their preferred method of clothes shopping.

And no one is making bigger bucks off of if than Amazon. This e-commerce giant is currently pulling in 20 percent of the online clothing market.

Kate Hudson and her spunky little clothing brand has decided enough is enough and is fighting back against Amazon.

Wait, Who Is Fabletics?
If you’ve never heard of this company, you’ve been missing out. Fabletics offer their members access to unique and personalized athletic gear, sporting wear, bathing suits, and even dresses. They focus primarily on women, though Kate’s brother Oliver has his own unique male line.

The idea behind this company is to give each member access to their own unique clothing. Anyone ordering from Fabletics will get personalized clothing that they can’t find anywhere else.

The secret to their success is the finely-tuned membership survey each member takes after making their profile. This survey breaks down your personal fashion needs in a way that creates a line you can’t resist.

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CMO of Kate Hudson’s athleisure brand Fabletics on retail industry

Are They Successful?
Fabletics was founded in 2013 and has already made $250 million. It’s safe to say that their membership model has been a success, beyond perhaps even the wildest dreams of its founders.

In fact, it has been successful enough to begin opening their own line of clothing shops across the nation. Expect as many as 100 shops in the country by the end of 2017, a huge jump for a company that didn’t have a single shop in the 2016.

Is it possible for Fabletics to maintain a strong offline presence in the face of such a demanding online giant like Amazon? Hudson and Fabletics are banking that they will, and there is actually a good chance that they could do it.

Here’s How They Could Succeed
The success of Fabletics and their offline shops will depend on a few delicate variables falling into place. First of all, their members will have to go to their stores and purchase their clothing there.

The idea is that each member will get discounts for shopping at the offline shops, compelling them to visit them and buy their clothes there, rather than on Amazon.

There’s actually a dual benefit to the membership model, as buyers are likely to purchase directly from Fabletics online shop even if they don’t go to the offline centers.

As a result, Fabletics could invest this money in any shops that may be struggling, helping to keep them afloat to draw in more customers.

As long as they keep offering high-quality goods, and using their unique advertising methods to attract buyers, it’s hard not to imagine Fabletics seriously cutting into Amazon’s business.

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