The Fascinating Synergism between Fashion and Technology

A keen observer and investor in the fashion and technology industries, Chris Burch, has for years noted an amazing trend in the fashion and technology sectors. He observed that at some point technology could become fashionable and fashion can become technologically fashionable.


A Glimpse of the Past and Present


A trajectory from the 1970s to the 21st century can help an individual understand the symbiotic relationship between the two industries. As technology advances, so do fashion. Technology has over the years grown based on the popularity of what is considered fashionable. In the 1970s, boom boxes and cassette decks were stylish. As the years rolled down, the boom boxes became even popular when they were added to movie lines.


The 90s brought another personalized experience, the Walkman. Ten years later, Walkmans were almost faced out by the invention of iPods. A keen observer can quickly notice that the taste of the majority determines what is technologically fashionable. The 21st-century fashion designers have discovered the best way to make fashion better, marrying it with technology. These artists are exploring the endless opportunities in the technology industry to produce quality on-demand trends.


What to Expect in the Future


Think of technology being used to protect us. Although the importance of helmets regarding safety cannot be underestimated, for many cyclists, it is not fashionable to wear them since they reduce visibility. Designing airbags to be worn around the neck region would be more technologically fashionable. Imagine dressed in a cloth that produces kinetic energy enough to power your mp3, watch and cell phone? This technology is underway.


Technology and Fashion Working Together


One notable example that proofs that these two industries can help each other is the issue of the Google glasses. On their invention, most people didn’t absorb them since they did not look technologically fashionable. However, this changed after a fashion designer intervened to popularize them. She made her models wear them during catwalk and that marked the end of stigma to Google glass wearers as more people accepted the technology.


About Chris Burch


Burch is an active investor in technology, luxury fashion, and real estate. He is also the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is famously known for his skills in branding, sales and marketing and his entrepreneurial values that enable him to envisage market opportunities.


The Ithaca College graduated started his business career while at college. He invested $2,000 in Eagle’s Eye, a company that later grew to be worth $165 million at the time he sold it. In his over 40-year business career, Burch has participated in the birth and growth of over 50 enterprises.


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