Lime Crime: Establishing Creative Beauty

From its original creation in the fall of 2008, Lime Crime remains one of the most creative cosmetic brands avaliable. Specializing in endless color, sparkling glosses and innovative cosmetics, the company has risen through the ranks, earning the title of unique and appealing products. Offering an array of one of a kind products, the company has help redefine and recreate the public’s perception of beauty and modern day style.

Lime Crime managed to secure an ever growing fan base after its release of the Unicorn Lipstick line. Developed to match any of your moods, the wild and playful colors of Lime Crime’s products are endless in its color palettes. The company also offers a host of othet cosmetic products to go hand in hand with their signature lipstick line.

The company currently offers nail polishes, eye, hair and facial cosmetic products to consumers. Lime Crime is 100% vegan friendly and a certified cruelty free company. No products produced by Lime Crime are tested on animals. The positive practices of the company has helped gain public notoriety amongst teens and adults alike.

Appearing in a long list of notable magazines, the products created by Lime Crime have garnered attention since its creation. Social media outlets and internet based blogs have praised the company for its truly unique approach on cosmetics.

The company recently announced their plans of introducing new colors and products to their Crushers collection. The lipgloss line is created with a water-based foundation, allowing an easy way to add shine and advanced color to your lipstick. The top coat collection provides a glittery appearance to your lipstick and helps your lipstick standout.

As consumers await the release of the new products, hardcore fans are talking with excitement over the possibility of expanding their collection. Whether lipstick or nail polish, Lime Crime is tirelessly working to provide its fans with the best avaliable colors and positively produced products.