Marc Sparks is Someone for Young Entrepreneurs to Look up To

Marc Sparks is as versatile as any businessman we’ve ever seen. Able to adapt and evolve to deal with the constant changes that take place in the industry. Sparks has had a direct hand in the creation of several different types of companies. Because of this, he has been called a serial entrepreneur.

True to his entrepreneurial roots, Sparks founded Timber Creek as a tool to help up and coming entrepreneurs achieve their goal of building a successful business. Sparks has forgotten more about business than a lot of individuals will ever know. Which is easy to believe considering he has more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur.

Sparks believes everyone should have a chance to build their own company and is willing to help aspiring young entrepreneurs in any way he can. Whether its giving them knowledge or contributing funds to their startup, Sparks is all for it.

As someone who started multiple companies, Sparks knows that it takes several different things to make a business succeed. People often overlook how important a work environment is. An aesthetically pleasing work environment can have a huge impact on whether your business thrives or fails. A quality work area makes employees more productive, which in turn makes the company’s success more conducive. Sparks knows this as well as anyone and refuses to cut corners when it comes to the subject.

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is one of the most successful businessmen alive today. Sparks is the founder and CEO of the Dallas based private equity firm Timber Creek Capital, LP. He has founded numerous companies in his 35 year career as an entrepreneur.

Sparks has also branched out into other endeavors besides business, starting a career as an author and a philanthropist. His book They Can’t Eat You, explains in detail his pitfalls, and how he overcame them and became a success. Sparks helps construct affordable housing for financially stresses families through his philanthropies with Habitat for Humanity .