Championing Solutions for Sleep Apnea- Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Sleep apnea has many negative side effects that are clearly showing up in the medical profession. There is increasing research every time showing how sleep apnea is related to diabetes, stroke and heart diseases. These research findings have pushed for better remedies when it comes to the treatment and control of sleep apnea. This explains why Dr. Avi Weisfogel the founder of Dental sleep masters is passion about finding the solutions to sleep apnea.

Dr. Weisfogel leads the Dental sleep masters in finding solutions to sleep apnea. There are more than 90% of people suffering from the condition that go untreated and sometimes undiagnosed. This is because most people assume sleep apnea to be a small matter and never give it the seriousness it deserves, something that Dr. Avi and his team intend to change by shedding some light through informing those affected.

The dental sleep matters has come up with a model comprising of both primary and secondary care that includes certified physicians who operate the sleep labs. This model works to benefit both the medical practitioners as opportunities open up for them and for the patients who have better access to medical care.

Physicians have joined dentists and sleep apnea experts to help provide better solutions for patients. Discoveries continue being made concerning the disorder. More dentists are realizing the need for proper diagnosis as the larger part of treatment depends on proper diagnosis of sleep apnea at an early stage. New discoveries in this field will continue to increase the development of sleep apnea treatment. THN is a device that has been approved by the FDA towards the treatment of the condition. With continued research there are smaller, more convenient and friendlier treatment options being advanced with each passing day.

Sleep apnea is a serious problem since it has can cause the affected to wake up to 30 times in a night. A treatment is needed to open up the airway muscles after stimulating them. The use of stimulation was approved by the FDA and has been well tolerant among patients. Dr. Avi’s model brings even better solutions to the problem and more information click here.

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Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill Announces New Medicare Plan with EON Health

As a business, healthcare is in constant flux. Leading a healthcare company presents a host of unique challenges due to the incredible responsibility and changing legal framework that the medical industry faces. Memorial Health CEO Maggie Gill has spent nearly two decades meeting these challenges, both at Memorial and elsewhere.

Gill started her career after completing her undergraduate work at Florida State and earning an MBA with Honors from St. Leo University. She joined Tenet South Florida Health Systems, a regional network of hospitals in Tenet’s national organization, where she spent five years. She worked at several hospitals before eventually becoming CFO. Gill was recognized as Tenet’s top CFO on three occasions for her commitment to excellence.

In 2004, Maggie Gill left Tenet to join Memorial University Medical Center, becoming vice president of finance/managed care. She later became COO of Memorial Health and was appointed president and CEO by the board of directors in 2011.

One of Maggie Gill’s goals is to forge innovative partnerships to enhance the quality of care and service for medicare beneficiaries. Gill recently announced a partnership with Eon health to introduce an new no-premium Medicare Advantage plan with affordable prescription co-payments. The plan, which will be available to Medicare recipients in certain counties in Georgia and South Carolina starting in 2017, provides a wide array of benefits. Many of these benefits are not usually found in no-premium plans, such as dental, hearing, and free transportation. According to Gill, Memorial Health found common ground in Eon Health’s focus on preventive care. She believes that the plan’s focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle will make it a success.