Ricardo Tosto

São PAULO – workers who earn functions within a company will be able to benefit from an increase in their monthly income. The rule is old and applies to professionals who perform activities other than those already laid down in contract for a predetermined period by the employer.


“The accumulation of activities usually happens often within companies, especially when the entrepreneur want to cut costs,” explains labor lawyer Marie Office and Rocha Barros Advogados and also Coordinator of the Commission of new lawyers in the Iasp (São Paulo lawyers Institute), Joao Armando Moretto Amarante.


In these cases, the most common is that the workforce is reduced and the professional who stays in the headcount of scheduled to add some of the functions of who was fired. “This accumulation falls on employees of trust, that they act in various areas, according to the needs of the employer,” according to Amarante.



The temporary replacement to cover the vacation of another co-worker also often lead to accumulation of function. However, not always it can be considered a problem, as some collective standards laid down by the Union usually provide for such activities. “It doesn’t always involve the payment of additional salary. Everything will depend on the collective standard, “says labor lawyer Milk Office, Tosto e Barros Advogados, Arthur Cahen.

Tosto is a highly successful lawyer in Brazil, and he has been working in law for most of his life.

The Brazilian Law

Brazilian legal system has a close resemblance to the US legal system. The laws apply to Brazilian citizens and people from other countries. For instance, a foreigner found guilty in the country will be subjected to the punishments stated in the country’s constitution. Foreign couples are also subjected to the country’s laws that govern divorce and child custody. Divorce cases are often subject to backlogs in Brazilian courts. The proceedings may also take time.

Brazil’s civil lawsuits are controlled by civil codes rather than the conventional laws. Common civil lawsuits include failure to honor intellectual properties and breach of contracts. The country has recorded the highest number of commercial litigation compared to countries like the United States. The Brazilian legal system is not complete without mentioning that it has the highest number of law schools in the world. The country also commands a large share of lawyers in the world.

Brilliant Lawyers in Brazil

Brazil has highly trained and brilliant lawyers. One of them is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is a prominent lawyer and a strategist in Brazilian legal system. Ricardo has vast experience in legal practice spanning over 30 years. He started his legal career in a small firm in the outskirts of Sau Paulo. He worked his way from the bottom to the top as a litigation lawyer. Ricardo Tosto currently owns one of the largest legal litigation firms in Brazil.

Ricardo has an impressive track record as a lawyer and a leader. He has handled several high–profile litigation featuring Brazilian companies and international corporations. He has even provided legal solutions to the Brazilian government. He is a popular figure among politicians and high net worth individuals in the country because of his exemplary work.

Ricardo was one of the founding members of a movement that wanted to adopt several mechanisms designed to improve the country’s legal system. He graduated from Mackenzie Presbyterian University with a degree in Law. Ricardo continues to hit the headlines for positive reasons. He has mentored many lawyers in his firm. Many young people who are aspiring to be lawyers look up to him for inspiration and guidance.