Desiree Perez Is The Brains Behind Tidal’s Success

It should go without saying that the ways in which people discover and listen to music have changed dramatically. Depending on when a music listener came of age they might have learned about new music by taking a trek to the store that sold vinyl records a few blocks from their home. Some music listeners became intimately acquainted with the artists and songs they love by sifting through boxes of vinyl records at a grandparent’s house or by becoming enamored with a mix on a cassette tape gifted to them by a friend that they played on their boom box.


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Today, however, the vinyl record and cassette tape have, for the most part, succumbed to an entirely new method of music consumption and discoverability known as streaming. Because of the high speed internet access enjoyed by many music lovers around the world and the need for the music industry to find new ways to earn income from a product that is easily pirated, a crop of companies have sprung up over the years to make listening to music on the internet easier for the average person. Most of these companies, YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music among them, have become household names. Artist and Mogul Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal is no exception. What sets Tidal apart from its counterparts that are competing in the same arena is its ability to deliver on experiences for its user that no other streaming service can.  Read more about the subject on


According to , Jay Z’s confidante, music industry insider Desiree Perez is the brains behind some of Tidal’s biggest releases. Tidal is the only streaming network to nab exclusive releases like Rihanna’s career-defining newest album ANTI and Beyoncé’s critically-acclaimed album and music film Lemonade. Perez’s keen business acumen has reportedly earned her the nickname of Babe Ruthless. According to HITS Daily Double Perez has a knack for negotiation that she has applied to powering culture-defining events like Beyonce’s record-breaking Formation World Tour and to convincing the Queen of Pop and other industry brass like rapper Kanye West to choose Tidal as an essential part of the release of their highly anticipated albums.


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