Norka Luque: a Music Career for a Child of Music

Norka Luque acknowledges that she comes from a happy family. Her life is full of pleasant experiences. She originates from a country with many cultures, languages, and distant places that lead her to her destiny in music. While she was in the country for the showcase, she said these powerful words.


Norka is currently staying in the United States. She broke into the music arena with the help of her producer Emilio Estefan. Emilio presented Norka’s album at Milagro. For this song, Estefan decided to give his best. He organized a team of producers such as the Alberto Gaitan, the Ricardo brother, Archie Pena, and Luis Giraldo who arranged for salsa. The only thing that consumed most of their time was deciding on the music genre. The song was a mixture of rhythm, tropical, rock, ballad, and blues.


While she was still a child, Norka loved singing. She had a talent noted at her early stages of development as a kid. Her parents took care of the music training. When they grow old, they knew she would support them. She traveled to France for higher education after she finished high school. However, he followed the footsteps of her dreams.


She joined the Bad Moon Rising band in France that sang rock and funk music. She had the opportunity to feature in numerous platforms singing as a soloist. When she returned to the United States, she continued studying singing. For this reason, the Arts and Culinary fashion became her focal point. She now developed good memories from this point onwards. She met with the legendary producer Emilio Estefan. She had no idea that he was present at the meeting.


She gathered her courage and approached him. She explained her passion towards music. Norka of dream was music. Norka presented some material to Emilio. He sang and spoke to the sole. Emilio extended an invitation to the studio the following Sunday. This was her first opportunity to prove her commitment. The extended hours in the studio were meant to develop discipline as a young artist. Emilio listened carefully and determined that Norka would make a great artist. They began to work from that moment. They started choosing songs for her first album soon enough.