Jim Hunt; VTA publications Ltd Weekly market analysis

The global market has been very uncertain in the last few weeks. This has been hugely due to the unpredictability of the new US President Donald Trump. Jim Hunt has acted as the symbol of stability to investors with his analysis videos which have created some certainty. His analysis on YouTube focuses on the markets around the globe where he breaks down the numbers to make it easy to understand for every investor regardless of the level. His analysis is usually unbiased and gives very actual statistics of the markets to give each investor (whether a seasoned pro or just a beginner) a clear picture of the financial future of the global markets.

In his recent posting at http://www.streetwisenews.com/bankcodes/, he is urging his viewers to look at the bigger picture instead of looking at just the current events. He is looking at the markets all the way back to the 1980’s where he compares the current market status to the earlier bear markets. In the analysis, he gives a positive outlook to the more cynical investors.

He is however very cautious, given the recent political events and he points out that the events are affecting the markets. Hunt points out that investors had predicted the Trump victory and said that the decline in the market started even before the elections. This he says is due to the uncertainty that comes with the Trump presidency on prnewswire.co. Even with the tank of investor confidence, Hunt reports greater sector confidence. He is predicting that financial institutions will flourish in this turbulent times and also the industrial stocks will do well due to infrastructural changes that have been proposed on vtapublications.co. Hunt says that the market will be bearish, but some sectors will do well with the newly sworn-in president.

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