Todd Lubar: A Financial Success Story

After Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University in 1995 with a degree in Speech Communication, he first took a job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation and remained there for 4 years. During his time at Crestar, Todd recognized his potential for a lucrative career in finance, and combined that experience with his college education to learn about all aspects of banking. In 1999, he took a position in the Maryland branch of the Legacy Financial Group. At Legacy Financial Group, Todd took advantage of his equity position to not only further develop his lending skills, but also to further develop the efficiency of the Legacy Financial Group. Three years later, Todd made a substantially significant move in his career: he started Legendary Properties, LLC. The relationships Todd had fostered with others in the real estate, banking, and other financial communities paid off as his company was involved with over 200 real estate transactions.

According to Hackronym, Todd’s speech and communication background continued to prove its worth as his success at Legacy Financial Group and Legendary Properties, LLC allowed him to secure a new position as Senior Vice President at a subsidiary, called Charter Funding, of a large mortgage company – First Magnus Financial Corporation. While at Charter Funding, Todd maximized his utilization of his communication skills and knowledge of the real estate market. By 2007, Todd supported his major successes with an insightful discovery in the real estate community: a demographic of severely underserved clients. Todd’s crucial discovery allowed him to capitalize on a sector that had previously been overlooked, and ultimately led to his own formation of Legendary Properties, LLC, among other business owning in the demolition, night club, and scrap metal recycling fields.

Currently, Todd retains his status as Senior Vice President of Legendary Properties, and also presides over TDL Ventures, a startup assistance company based out of New Jersey.

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