Litigation Services In Greater Philly Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck in Greater Philly
Karl Heideck in Greater Philly

Karl Heideck has been practicing litigation in the Greater Philadelphia area for over 10 years. He has experience in commercial litigation and especially in employment law.

He specializes in risk management so that large companies are in compliance with employment laws. Heideck also has skills as a legal writer, often presenting his skills by writing editorials for blogs or newspapers.

Heideck is now a part of the Hire Counsel group of attorneys. They provide consultations for large companies and public organizations. They offer contract administration, corporate transactions, contract oversight, research analysis, and foreign language document translation.


Although based out of New York, the counsel covers most major US cities. Many large international companies may come to the company with large portfolios of lawsuits to defend. They will offer bulk deals for such companies to defend them in court and suggest legal restructure of the corporation in order to mitigate future legal qualms.

As a litigator, Karl is involved with representing his clients’ lawsuits in the court of law. Karl Heideck often defends his corporate clients during investigations, trials, pleadings, and settlements.

Litigation requires a lot of gumption since lawyers are thrown right into the center of the arena to make their case. Only the most experienced lawyers are put into such positions as it requires a certain finesse that comes with years of observing and practice. As a result, litigators are some of the most well-paid positions for lawyers. They work their way up from paper pushing to essentially becoming an actor.

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