Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Land Huge Gondola Deal

Squaw Valley Ski has been a huge part of the Reno – Tahoe region for pretty much as long as people have been hitting the slopes. CEO Andy Wirth has become something of a local hero and regional icon as he continues to work toward developing the ski resort, improving the area, and bringing in tourism in a big way. Wirth was recently appointed to the local Reno – Tahoe Airport Authority Board in order to help with pulling in tourism and improving the region. This appointment comes on the heels of a huge improvement to Squaw Valley and the nearby Alpine Meadows: a giant base to base gondola to improve both resorts has been approved.

Skiing enthusiasts have traveled from all over the world to shred the slopes of both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The two peaks have served as a sort of Holy Grail for North American winter activity but there has always been an issue: in order to enjoy both locations you had to pack up and drive around one mountain and up to another. CEO Andy Wirth had been trying to get a gondola approved between the two mountains for years now but a deal with Troy Caldwell, the owner of the land in between the mountains, had been difficult to acquire. That no longer appears to be an issue.

Caldwell calls his area of land, a 460 acre stretch between the mountains, the White Wolf. For years Caldwell has been the hold out preventing a base to base gondola system from being installed. Finally a deal had been reached with Caldwell that would make all parties involved happy. The gondola will follow along the Western edge of Caldwell’s land. With the gondola plans in place it only seems like a matter of time until construction begins and the region is introduced to one of the biggest and most revered skiing destinations throughout all of North America.