Success with Nine9: The UnAgency

Nine9 is a company dedicated to helping models and actors succeed. 99% of all people in these industries are not represented by an agency and are sometimes unsure of how to move forward in their careers. Enter Nine9. Since it began in 2003, this company has worked hard to provide the tools and resources needed for models and actors to go further than they ever imagined. They provide support by offering a talent benefits program, online 24/7 casting alerts, monthly industry workshops and much more. Read More Here .

Amy S. was not expecting much when she signed up with Nine9, but she has already been in her first fashion show through Nine9 with Nordstrom. She also has two more fashion shows scheduled, as well as an upcoming movie audition. Amy is very thankful she found Nine9. Read Reviews .

Lawrence M. is extremely satisfied with his experience using Nine9. Using their services, this aspiring actor from Sterling Heights, Michigan was cast as an extra in the “Batman vs. Superman” movie! See Photos.

Three days after signing up with Nine9, Faith M. already had her first booking. She was very excited to get to work on the set of the “Spiderman: Homecoming” movie! She gives all the credit to Nine9 for getting her booked and is enthusiastic about working with them in the future.

Think any agency can do what Nine9 does? Not according to Andre B. He worked with several other talent agencies that were getting him nowhere in his career. Since joining Nine9, Andre has been an extra in television shows such as “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire.” He has done voice-over work and was featured in an Ace Hardware commercial!

These are just a few examples of the true success stories on Nine9’s website. Nine9 is fully operational in a variety of major markets such as Miami, Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many more. Their website also gives you the option to apply online. Nine9 likes to call themselves “The UnAgency” because they provide their clients with everything they need to guide their own destinies and take control of their careers. Watch Video .