Bruce Bent II; the Remarkable figure in the financial world

If anybody likes digging into matters, then you should not be surprised to find one of the most innovative minds in finance like Mr. Bruce Bent II. Bruce is the Vice Chairman and also the President of a successful company dealing with financial services and technologies, known as Double Rock Corporation. His position at the company allows him to be the senior executive to all of the subsidiary companies fully owned by Double Rock which include Access Control Advantage LLC, Intrasweep LLC, Landing Rock group LLC, LIDs Capital LLC, and Island Intellectual Property LLC. Some of these subsidiary companies have gained fame in the financial world as innovative in their particular fields. Mr. Bent had also served as the President of the Reserve before the financial crisis that struck in 2008. The reserve was among the largest privately held cash management institution in the world. He helped dot expand its assets managed from $4 billion to an astounding $130 billion in over 17 years he worked there.

Bruce Bent II received his degree at the North-eastern University of Science in Philosophy. He has also been honored to feature in the book called Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs. Moreover, he has been quoted on the back cover of the book called The Corporate User’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice. Mr. Bent has spent many years in his career developing programs and relevant products in the cash management industry over the years. He has a lot of patents credited to his name. This has managed to transform the FDIC- insured programs to a multi-trillion industry which is standing today.

Bruce Bent is also a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization. This organization is a peer network which is connecting very many young global business leaders. Bent was also a former chairman of the organization at its Gotham Branch in New York. Furthermore, he was also on the former President’s Advisory Council of Scenic Hudson. It is a movement that protects and restores the Hudson and its surroundings. He is is a man who is well invested, well represented and well understood in the finance world. He has done a lot of good and remarkable work in the finance market, and his legacy cannot be ignored.

Bruce Bent ll: An Entrepreneur with a Difference

Bruce Bent ll is one of the most recognized entrepreneurs for pioneering innovative solutions related to cash management, retail markets, banking, qualified planning, and brokerage-dealings. He is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Cooperation which is the leading financial-technological company. Thanks to his vision and entrepreneurial drive, there has been a great expansion of FDIC insured programs and technical advancement of cash sweep. Mr. Bent acquired a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from Northeastern University.

For 17 years, he was a manager and C.E.O who was responsible for managing the development of the Reverse- money market mutual fund and FDIC cash management business. After the 2008 financial crisis, Bruce Bent systematically liquidated and sold some of the company’s affiliates and subsidiary. Before the 2008 financial disaster, he was the president of the Reserve which was known worldwide for being the largest money market instituting and was second largest in offering money market funds around the world. The Reserves headquarter was in New York and had employed over 300 staff nationally. There were great expansion and diversification of markets for the distribution of product lines which all happened under Bents management.

Bent is an entrepreneur who has continued to be in some ventures which include business consultation, pharmaceuticals, health care financing, asset management, consumer goods, and financial technologies. Previously, he was a financial chairman of its Gotham Chapter in Manhattan. He is in the Young Presidents Organization which is a network which connects close to 10,000 young business leaders globally. Bruce Bent ll is also a board member of the 99 Jane Street Condominium associations.

Bent believes that people should be given opportunity according to their performance but not to their level of education. Though he knows that most people do not support his opinion, he says that to be successful, one doesn’t have to go to college. Bent says that among the people who have influenced his thinking is his father. This is because he encouraged innovation and assured him that no idea is bad. He is also encouraged and learns a lot from those who embrace their ideas.

Cancer Treatment Center of America- Working to treat You

Cancer Treatment Center of America is a non profit organization that treats cancer patients around the United States. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, there are five hospitals across the country that cancer patients can seek treatment at. CTCA uses traditional approaches to treat cancer like chemotherapy and surgery, but also offers other treatments for side effects like pain, nausea, and depression.

According to the article, “Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform,” after seeing his mother die of cancer, Richard J Stephenson started the company in 1988. He didn’t like the treatment options for his mother, and wanted something better. The first hospital was opened in Zion, Illinois, and the four others were built around the country later.

Recently, CTCA has decided to partner with NantHealth and Allscripts to begin a custom technical solution which will allow Eviti, (a NantHealth clinical descion support team) to be able to access clinical work flows in the Allscripts health system. Integrating this ClinicalPathways system will inform the cancer treatment process, and minimize interruption of the physician’s clinical work flow.

ClinicalPathways is designed with the patient in mind and it uses the latest and most advanced treatments options. Doing this helps to improve quality of care, as well as efficiency. Another unique aspect of ClinicalPathways is the their expedited insurance approval times. Any of the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospitals will give patients access to the ClinicalPathways system.

With this new collaboration comes a new library of unbiased medical records and information on over 2700 different treatment regimes that doctors can have access to.

Cancer patients are now able to get treatment with the latest technology, and have an expedited recovery time.

Mr. Greg Finch and the three common orthopedic surgery procedures

Orthopedic surgery is one of the health processes that deals with the conditions involving the skeletons and muscles of the human body. Therefore, every orthopedic surgeon has an area of specialty. For example, sports medicine is a sector that requires orthopedic doctors who focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of injured athletes. For that reasons, there are common orthopedic surgery procedures that can make the treatment and rehabilitation process successful. These methods are described as follows:

Joint Replacement

This type of procedure is reserved for patients who have end-stage arthritis. Therefore, the best solution is the joint replacement, which reduces pain and at the same time increases the motion within the joints. Examples of the joints that are commonly replaced are the knee and hip. The ankle joint can also be replaced. However, the procedure is the least performed after the joint surgery procedure.

Shoulder joint replacement

This type of orthopedic surgery procedure is done to those who suffer from extreme pain as a result of shoulder injuries. Since the shoulder is one of the commonly used joints, it is essential to carry out the total replacement of joint in case of injury. Afterward, the pain will diminish with time while the range of motion of the shoulder joint increases.

Reconstruction of the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)

This type of orthopedic surgery is common with knee joints since Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the primary stabilizing element of the knee. Therefore, whenever ACL is ruptured, reconstruction is required for effective reattachment. The advantage of the procedure is that it can also be carried out using arthroscopic approach.

About Dr. Greg Finch

Dr. Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who has expertise in medical areas such as lumbar spinal surgery, anterior spinal fusion, spinal fusion, and cervical spinal surgery. Apart from being a surgeon, Dr. Greg Finch is a member of various medical associations. Examples of such associations include Australian Orthopedic Association (AOA), NASS, and SSA.

Regarding educational background, Dr. Finch attended Royal College Melbourne and Auckland Medical School, from where he gained his medical education. Moreover, Greg Finch is a licensed orthopedic surgeon. Therefore, the vast percentage of his specialty revolve around spinal surgery.

Avi Weisfogel Teaches About Good Dental Health And Helping Our Fellow Man

It is very important to take good care of your teeth and gums. We all learn this at an early age. I bet most people can remember the little red tablets that were given to children at school. When chewed, these tablets could turn the teeth and gums red where they still needed cleaning. These tablets helped the students and parents to become more aware of dental health.

Another thing that dentists are trying to help people understand is the importance of yearly checkups. It is important for individuals to schedule an appointment to have their teeth and gums looked at by a professional. Teeth with decay or gum disease can cause other problems if left untreated. Avi Weisfogel is trying to teach other dentists how important it is to know what it looks like when a person needs oral appliances or braces. His business, Dental sleep Masters can help people that are having sleep apnea and people that need training in spotting signs of sleep apnea. This business has been in good working order for the last 3 years. South Orange New Jersey is the home of this business and the wonderful people responsible for it.


Operation Smile is a non-profit organization that is available to help people that are unable to afford dental surgeries or procedures on their own. The non-profit is responsible for fundraisers to raise money for the operation of their surgical van and other benefits. Each person that comes to the van for help will receive it without worry of cost. A go-fund-me page set up by Avi Wiesfogel will hopefully raise enough money and awareness to keep it going. Women that give birth to a baby with a cleft palate may have previously been without hope. Now, thanks to people like Avi Weisfogel, their palates are being surgically closed and repaired.


Being a dentist is hard work. People come to have their teeth cleaned. They come to have a tooth filled. Sometimes they come for braces referrals and other times for a yearly check-up. It is always hard to tell someone they have a problem. No matter how hard a person tries to keep their teeth clean it sometimes is not enough. Good oral hygiene and yearly checkups are the only way a dentist and patient can keep a good handle on teeth. Remember, your teeth are yours. The only replacements are false. Take good care of your teeth. Brush and floss after meals.