Wengie Gives us a Tour of Her New Home


Wengie shares an inside look at her new home in this video. The décor that she used is very colorful and minimalist chic. Before she began the full tour of her home she mentioned that she searched for affordable furniture and accents that looked nice. From the looks of her home in this video, she remained true to that vision. The rooms are so full of color and personality, it’s clear that she took her time to make sure that her home reflected her true style. As Wengie goes through her home sharing each piece of furniture and accessory, she also shares how much of a deal she got it for.

Wengie Shows How to Style Hair in Under Five Minutes



If you are wanting to style your hair in under five minutes, Wengie has a perfect video for you.


Wengie always starts her videos off with excellent music an engaging introduction. The first easy hairstyle is the triple cascade. This style is accomplished by taking the top portion of your hair and tying it with a clear band. Then above where you tied this, take your fingers and make a hole, and tuck your ponytail into this. Wengie calls this a tuck in this video.

After this, grab the middle portion of your hair and bring it on top and tie it up. With this section, repeat what you did with the top portion ponytail. You then take the bottom section of hair and repeat what you did with the first two sections, then take a hair tie and tie these all up.

The next style Wengie has is the double cascade. You can start with a high ponytail, then use a clear band to tie your hair lower on the ponytail. Then create a hole in the middle of your hair and tuck your ponytail in. Repeat with the bottom portion and you then get the double cascade.

Side twists are the next hairstyle. Wengie suggests pulling your hair to the side and twisting the middle parts until you have no more sections, then tying to the side ponytail.

Another 5 minute hair hack is twisted pleats. Take your hair to one side and make two sections. Take each section and make into three then twist into one and tie. Do this with both big sections and tie in one with a hair tie. You can then spread pleats apart and it gives a casual look according to Wengie.

Fishtail braids are the last hack that Wengie suggests. This is probably the most difficult hairstyle to master and she suggests practicing several times before attempting in public. Wengie ends the video by giving links to her other videos and inviting viewers to join as a follower of her channel. She treats her followers as family and this explains why she has such a loyal following on Youtube.