Executive at Natixis John Hailer Has Vast Experience in Financial Services

John Hailer’s journey and success in financial services.

As a former exec at Natixis, John Hailer garnered extensive experience in the financial services sector. Natixis is a resource governance and Investment firm established in 2007. Hailer served in this company until his retirement in 2017.

John Hailer graduated from Beloit College and started his professional journey in early 1986 by selling financial products and providing advice to retired customers. He was later hired by Putnam Investments, where he held a managerial position and worked for several years. However, before working with Natixis Global Asset Management, John Hailer joined Fidelity Investments Institutional Service Company and performed in a managerial position. He facilitated the company in conducting expansions and launching other products in North and Latin America.

In the late 1990s, John Hailer became the CEO of IXIS Asset Management Advisors Group. This company later merged with Natixis Global Associates, a wealth management company and financial markets products. Moreover, in 2007, the company became Natixis Global Asset Management.

John Hailer has also participated in philanthropic activities such as supporting community activities and non-profit organizations. He created an institution in Boston that helped improve technology and mentored students, amongst other local needs.

John Hailer has been a significant player in providing financial insights concerning the economy, investment, and government expenditure. He has also been a major point person for his former company, Natixis Global Asset Management.