How the Smart Fit CEO, Edgard Corona Spearheads the Fitness Segment

Smartfit is very close to Edgard Corona. His father had the idea of buying a gym in 1989 and the business was born. Edgard runs the company with his brother and is a co-owner of the group. He is also a co-owner of The rest of the key people of the group are related to Corona.

In 2008, Smartfit received multiple awards for its commercial management, among them, the Red Herring Top 100 award. The company has now been making efforts to break through markets in Latin America. It is now expanding its presence in several other countries in South America, especially Peru and Colombia.

Edgard shared the secret behind the success of the group. “I had an idea to create an example of motivation to attract the younger generation and bring them to the gym. I was a believer in health and fitness and was an inspiration myself and my father to get in shape. Today, we are still dreaming and creating new ideas. It’s been 28 years and we still continue to grow and achieve.”

The goal of Edgard Corona’s company is to contribute to the development of an active population in the country. He has helped to shape the fitness sector with the company, one of the leading fitness franchises in Brazil. In addition to Bio Ritmo, the company offers various training and fitness equipment, as well as programs.

It has also launched a spin class. The move boosted the brand in the country. Recently, it has taken over the commercialization of the Green Fitness (GFF) fitness concept. The company currently runs more than 400 gyms in the country. Edgard Corona pursued engineering and business management degrees before he began his professional career in the sugar industry.

His move into the business management process enabled Edgard to turn a company which was in the red to a profitable enterprise. Edgard Corona and his team focused on the segment that deals with nutrition and personal training. The sector currently accounts for almost half of the Brazilian weightlifting market.