Jason Hope doesn’t Shy Away from Big Philanthropy when He Believes in a Cause

In the United States, the biggest single medical killer is heart attack. This disease is the direct result of a long disease process, referred to as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis has long been known to the medical profession. This insidious disease has almost no symptoms, until the point when it’s too late. The first symptom of atherosclerosis is oftentimes death from an acute myocardial infarction and read full article.

Jason Hope is one of the country’s foremost internet entrepreneurs. The Arizona native has founded a string of highly successful internet start-up companies, since graduating from Arizona state university in 1995. Jason Hope has long had an intense interest in medical research and the ways in which modern medicine can combine with technology to produce phenomenal results and, ultimately, longer life spans and more robust health for all American citizens.

It was this intense interest in the medical research establishment that led Hope, who had made millions of dollars from his various tech startups, to dedicate a large donation to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is one of the nation’s leading medical research organizations, specializing in all areas of medicine pertaining to the aging process and the degenerative diseases that are often seen in advanced geriatric cases and Jason on facebook.

Hope’s donation will go directly to atherosclerosis research. But Hope believes that this will do much more than simply further the understanding of the underlying cause of the nation’s single largest killer, heart attacks. Arthrosclerotic disease is also the main cause of many other disease states. These include stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, peripheral artery disease, diabetic nephropathy as well as many other serious illnesses. Taken together, diseases with atherosclerosis as an underlying etiology outstrip all other causes of death, by far and what Jason knows.

But the payoff is even bigger than this would, at first, suggest. Hope believes that, if medical researchers can get a solid handle on the underlie molecular processes that lead to atherosclerosis, including the inflammatory response to injury of vascular walls, that we will be making serious inroads to finding the real world Fountain of Youth. This is because, as Hope explains, nearly all diseases associated with advancing age are the product of inflammatory processes, much like those seen in atherosclerosis and more information click here.

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