Mark Hauser Entrepreneur in Showbiz


Mark Hauser is a professional voice actor and actor. He is American-Canadian born in Michigan. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada. He has maintained a career in acting since 1996. Mark Hauser is known for his good adaptation of many different character dialects. This has led to many open doors for him. He has handled many different roles including both dramatic and comedic. His performances prove to be excellent for a variety of audiences. He has had the privilege of working with many different on-screen actors including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Nathalie Zea, and Micheal Madsen.

Mark Hauser has always enjoyed feeling as if he is a part of a different world. He grasped these watching actors perform making him feel like they took him to that world. This led to his successful career. His active acting career drives him to his everyday activities. Whether he’s working on a project, researching a role, working on a set, or in a recording studio. Through his research on a character, he will shadow the character and try to understand exactly what the character is all about. Understanding each character and their personality is how Mark Hauser develops his strong acting career.

Being productive is one of the many attributes of Mark Hauser’s career. He makes a list of things to do for each day the night before. This helps with the accomplishments of the specific goals he wants to reach for that day. He believes in going with the flow and not letting anger get in between. He believes if the anger rises, opportunity cannot be seen. He is consistently looking for more opportunities to further his career in acting and even in the industry network. He believes creative opportunities for both of these are everywhere.