Preparation for a Blended Workplace

Over the past several months, organizations have been building return-to-work office spaces to fulfill the needs of a mixed work environment. No matter how big or minor the modifications to your office and operations are, they may all significantly influence your organization. The following are a few ideas that organizations such as Hughes Marino would explore when deciding how to utilize their space best to accommodate a hybrid workplace (Instagram).


Right-Sized Workspace

People need to learn how to utilize communal spaces for a workforce that will be more dynamic, remote, and electronically linked.


People Come First – Permanent or Remote

Hughes Marino, like many clients, has always prioritized “people” when designing workplace space. Consider the following recommendations for the ideal hybrid work space to ensure your workspace is tailored to your team’s needs.


Provide Extras That You Can’t Get at Home

The workplace must provide functional space that surpasses people’s homes and continue to be a location where a company’s mission, culture, and dynamic force can foster a sense of cooperation and creativity.


Create a Space for Interaction

These collaborative spaces at Hughes Marino must accommodate both the team members who are expected to be there every day and those who are just required to come in on occasion.


Mobility in the Digital world

Hughes Marino focuses on everything. Utilizing technology should further improve the use of hybrid workplaces thus improving the working environment. Several tactics may be used to maximize the use of spaces, including specialized video conferencing rooms, mobility, density scans to understand space consumption and improved WiFi connectivity.


Next-Generation Office Space

Work-from-home enterprises may find that a place that meets their practical demands while emphasizing their collaborative goal is essential to a successful business plan. Hughes Marino can help your business thrive through creative and smart hybrid workplaces.