The Healing Wisdom of the Kabbalah Centre

The sacred spiritual system known as Kabbalah is powerful and equips humanity with the proper tools for achieving happiness and self-improvement. It’s wisdom dates back to Adam and focuses on empowering us to find a more profound understanding of not only our ways and actions but the universe. Understanding the afterlife is important Kabbalist still strive to be the best version of themselves while on earth. In this constant state of striving you will find deeper connections in every aspect of your life.

Kabbalah teaches us that we should not abstain, but rather embrace our inner wants and desires. Do not abstain or discipline yourself for your desires. Just do not over indulge your desires. When hungry eat until no longer hungry and not until you feel like your stomach is going to burst open. If utilized properly you can find a profound connection with someone over a meal.

We are taught that our wardrobe has a sacred or special meaning. Kabbalah tells us to seek out and find the special meaning in this activity. You have one chance to make a great first impression so dress to impress. Currently, there are 50 locations worldwide, but let’s focus on the LA Kabbalah Centre. In 1984 Phillip Berg founded the non-profit organization LA Kabbalah Centre based in Los Angeles. It offered courses through its regional centres, online and worldwide study groups based on Kabbalistic and Zohar.

The LA Kabbalah Centre was started by Philip and Karen Berg who crafted the presentation of Kabbalah while working side by side with a multi-ethnic staff. The LA Kabbalah Centre is always involved in some type of charitable work, be it humanitarian aid, financial relief, etc. Come and experience the healing wisdom of the LA Kabbalah Centre.

To know more visit Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube channel

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