The IM Academy

IM Academy is a leading online education provider in Forex Trading. Their goal is to provide an objective source of information for traders, enabling them to succeed through the proper application of fundamental and technical analysis. IM provides 24/7 access to course materials that enable students to interact with instructors and fellow students via chat rooms and discussion boards. Students are also given access to a full library of tools and resources, including a complete set of market data.

Two independent entrepreneurs, Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre, founded IM. Their vision was to create a platform that provided accessible and interactive Forex education through a subscription model. Over the past eight years, IM Academy has become a large organization with more than 225,000 active subscribers.

The IM Academy’s core product is four educational academies built around instructional videos. Each video lesson covers a topic related to forex trading, including the basics of forex market analysis, strategies, and risk management. These videos allow learners to watch the content multiple times at their own pace and interact with other traders through online discussions and live teaching sessions.

. The aim is to create an entrepreneurial atmosphere and empower individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. This is done by encouraging them to connect with existing IBOs, who may refer them to potential IBOs. IM has an in-house team that monitors IBO activities to ensure that no IBO makes misleading claims about IM products or services. The team will monitor IBO performance during their trial period; once chosen; the monitoring is done randomly.

IM Academy does not provide any financial advice. It only provides financial education and information and does not promise specific results or outcomes. All the information provided is general and should be considered carefully before making investment decisions. No regulatory license or approval has been sought or obtained from any regulator in any jurisdiction to provide any financial product or service. Visit this page for additional information.


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