Alex Pissios Making a Difference One Effort at a Time

Alex Pissios is the CEO and the founder of Cinespace, the largest film production studio in the US based in Chicago. Cinespace has not only been iconic in film production but also has created thousands of jobs in the area. Among the most iconic films include Dawn of Justice, Batman, and Empire. Alex Pissios, however, suggests that the expansion is still ongoing as the studio continues to grow.

However, he states that he had, like any other entrepreneur experienced some tough moments, including being in debt after the real estate recession experienced in the year 2008. However, being ambitious and having his uncle as a mentor, he states that he supported him starting Cinespace in 2011.

His work is making a difference.

Alex Pissios is among the entrepreneurs who believe in making a difference by giving back to society. Through Cinespace, he has started various movements, such as the CineCares foundation, which empowers community members through training and education. In addition, they support organizations that provide healthcare and education, among other services in the country. He categorically states that Cinespace is established with the values of always being impactful to individuals and the community.

His responses to questions relating to business and his approach to being successful.

Alex Pissios, during the question and answer sessions, responds to various questions relating to Cinespace and how he derives his energy as an entrepreneur. He starts by stating that his uncle Nick and his family are his mentors, and he always wants to follow in his Uncle’s footsteps. He also states that he has learned from advice given by people that surround him throughout his career, among them is helping those in need.

Consequently, he states that he is always motivated to grow the company in terms of production, matching the number of jobs it offers. He, therefore, mentions aiming at creating thousands of jobs in five years. This will result in more revenue generated, and he states that since 2011, Cinespace has generated more than $5 billion. His favorite movies include Sixteen Candles, Godfather, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He mentions that The Chi, Chicago Fire to be among the shows and series returning to Cinespace.