Dr. David Parrott UF on Student Affairs

David Parrott has worked diligently to support the institution’s academic mission while providing students with the best possible experience. He has been a part of the faculty since 2004 and has served as the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Registrar. During his time at Southern Miss, David Parrott has also chaired or served on more than 40 departments, college, and university committees. Dr. Parrott’s research interests include higher education policy, student success in higher education, and administrative issues in higher education. 


  1. Skills


Higher education specialist Dr. David Parrott’s leadership, management, and administration skills have contributed to his higher education success. The university administrator can be an effective communicator who can build relationships with different constituencies, including faculty, staff, students, and donors. He has a deep understanding of the inner workings of a university and can navigate the complexities of higher education. He’s a strategic thinker who can develop and implement plans that achieve institutional goals.


  1. Leadership


Dr. Parrott’s leadership style is participatory and inclusive. He believes that everyone has a role to play in the institution’s success, and he values the contributions of all constituents. He’s committed to shared governance and works collaboratively with faculty, staff, and students to make decisions that are in the university’s best interest. David Parrott is a consensus builder who seeks input from all stakeholders before making decisions.


  1. Interests


Dr. David Parrott is interested in all aspects of higher education and its impact on society. He’s particularly interested in access and equity, student success, and the role of universities in economic development. David Parrott believes that universities are responsible for providing opportunities for all students to succeed and contribute to society’s advancement.

Dr. David Parrott is a leader in higher education with a proven track record of success in administration, management, and teaching. He’s committed to the institution’s academic mission and to providing students with the best possible experience. David Parrott´s  leadership, communication, and collaboration skills make him an effective administrator who can navigate the complexities of higher education.