How Peter Briger is leveraging his previous experience in his new position

During his 15 years at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger gained a lot of experience. He had joined the institution after completing his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Princeton University and was more than happy to take a graduate position within the institution. In the years that followed, he would become a partner and also advance his education by attending the Wharton school of business for his MBA. This experience combined with his academic credentials saw him serve on a number of committees at Goldman Sachs. The Committees served different roles and would expose him to different experiences something that has helped him fit better in the position that he serves today that of Co-CEO at the Fortress Investment Group. These committees were the Asian Management Committee; this was a committee developed for the purpose of management of almost all investments that Goldman Sachs had in the Asian market. It was the single most influential committee when it came to the Asian market within the bank’s ranks and more

He then moved to the Global Control and Compliance Committee, as the name suggests this was a committee developed to enable the bank to operate within the set parameters of the different countries it had investments or operations in. It would also regulate the amount of investment direct to any one country to limit exposure in case of any eventuality. The Japan Executive Committee was responsible for identifying and making decisions regarding any and all investments in Japan. This would be one of the most useful committees to Peter Briger as pertains to the roles he took on when he joined Fortress.

Peter Briger also developed a keen interest on Distressed Debt. He worked on the Asian Distressed Debt business. This was a leadership role that required a steady hand. He was able to achieve a number of feats and in doing so got noticed by the International Finance Corporation which was looking for an adviser for the same. He was brought in as the corporation’s adviser on distressed debt a role that he would carry on for a number of years. At the Fortress investment group, Peter Briger has been able to steer the group’s credit division to a level of success that surpasses all the other divisions.