How to Innovate for the New Digital-First Economy – Bhanu Choudhrie

Choudhrie’s airline career spanned over 20 years with Continental Airlines. His early interest in aviation began at 14 when his father purchased him his first airplane. He was working in real estate and could only afford the plane by selling a house. Bhanu Choudhrie opened Alpha Aviation Group, which quickly grew into the largest aviation training provider in the world.

Several factors are driving the 21st century’s current pilot shortage. Aviators are aging out of the profession, and only a fraction of people today are qualified to fly commercial jets, the largest commercial aircraft in the world. This shortfall in qualified pilots means many airlines are hiring flight instructors.

AAG: Innovating for a New ‘Digital First’ Post-Covid Economy

A new, digital-first training strategy is underway in the aviation industry, leveraging new technologies like augmented reality and even 3D printing. In a world increasingly defined by technology, an innovative pilot training business can now appeal to a new generation of pilots who expect to be treated as consumers, not just trained for a job.

Bhanu Choudhrie: This new era of digital transformation has changed everything. Digital transformation changes everything and changes it all. It will force established organizations to change. Organizations that fail to adapt to these changes risk becoming obsolete, even in an industry where competition can be brutal.

Serving the needs of Pinnacle Airlines

Choudhrie’s role in developing the Model 402-PDB-9U is a crucial achievement in the history of the self-flying airplane. The model is significant for its technical improvements over previous platforms and the remarkable political and social breakthroughs that made the project possible.

The model’s designation for a variant of the Pinnacle Airlines twin-turboprop design was essential to its acceptance. Many other major U.S. airlines in the 1950s were designing their aircraft. Since there were no standards for these, Pinnacle created a unique designation that would allow it to sell planes that the rest of the industry would not recognize.

The role of COVID-19 in aviation

Bhanu Choudhrie views the importance of data analytics in COVID-19, including storing data for longer periods, storing it remotely, analyzing it, and sharing it with third-party businesses. It can improve both individual pilots and the overall aviation industry. Alpha Aviation Group has over 20 years of experience with modeling and simulation of weather. The company has already collected data that will be used to generate more accurate simulations in the future.

“The entire airline industry is confronting the difficult task of mitigating risk by adopting changes quickly,” explains Bhanu Choudhrie. “Of course, no one wants a pandemic of any kind, but in the end, it is a real risk, and we cannot let fear rule.”