Rachel Nichols Has Enjoyed an Impressive Career

Rachel Nichols has held many jobs. This has allowed her to create the kind of career she likes. Those who know her, know that she’s someone who has made her mark in the world of American sports broadcasting. Over the course of her career, she taken on many important roles and watched as her work has paid off.

For example, she’s been a widely respected television host as well as a sports reporter. She has also served as an anchor for varied television programs. She has also been a host of a television program known as The Jump. This program is all about the world of the NBA. Many current players and ESPN analysts along with reporters have been happy to appear on her show. Rachel Nichols has also worked for SportsCenter and provided lots of commentary, as well as varied kinds of interviews, and useful feature pieces.

Her Other Work

When not hosting other shows and working to provide useful sports insights, Rachel Nichols has also been very much part of ESPN’s widely respected prime time newsmagazine. E:60 has a firm place in her heart. She has also done other kinds of work for other important television networks. For example, she has chosen to work for CNN as well as doing stints for Turner Sports. Refer to this article for related information.

Rachel Nichols has been a widely respected as CNN studio analyst. She’s even had her own show. Unguarded with Rachel Nichols is the name of the show and one that allows her to demonstrate her love the game and her ability to provide lots of insightful commentary. Her work also includes lots of other media such as standard print media. For example, she’s worked as a reporter for the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and the highly prestigious Washington Post in the past.


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