Ryan Kavanaugh: The Man with an Industry Disruption Vision

Ryan Kavanaugh’s journey towards becoming a leading entrepreneur and business leader has had its share of bumps. Born into a humble background, Ryan Kavanaugh left home as a teen and relocated to Los Angeles. He had aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player but his passion for film and television saw him turn to a career in the entertainment industry. Kavanaugh went on to meet up with entertainment industry moguls and studied to become a lawyer. He was also approached by notable Hollywood players such as Scott Rudin and Charles Roven to help create and run a new film studio. Kavanaugh accepted this opportunity, forming Red Granite Pictures, his new career venture.

How did Triller get started?

Ryan Kavanaugh: Triller started by seeing the need for a compelling content consumption experience that delivered high-quality sound to mobile devices. Over the past three years, we have grown our product, usage, and revenues at an incredibly fast rate. In January of 2018, our gross billings for the entire year were greater than $1.2 million. This past summer, Triller was featured on the Time Magazine cover as one of the top ten most innovative companies in the world, and our revenues grew by more than 30% in just the first few months of 2018.

Why does the future of streaming matter?

Everyone is speaking about the future of streaming. Ryan Kavanaugh: We just don’t have the time or capital to take the initiative right now. Streaming is the new digital medium for content. Millennials, Gen Zers, and digital natives have overwhelmingly expressed a desire to consume content with videos at their disposal on-demand. Even for people who grew up with traditional television, this shift is remarkable, as viewers are now free to switch on a device and watch TV wherever they want at a moment’s notice. People want to have fun, be entertained, and make memories. Some are predicting that the age of mobile will soon replace the age of the TV. Also in 2014, Ryan Kavanaugh played an integral role in funding the streaming service Triller. Triller, a startup company created to develop a short-form video for mobile, has seen tremendous growth in its three years of existence.

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