The Story of Krishen Iyer

The whole process of starting a successful company is often hectic for most individuals. The process can be made easier and simpler by contracting the services of a consultant. The consultant can guide and give invaluable advice on different ways of going about the startup. One such individual who actively takes up the role is Krishen Iyer. The consulting company takes up marketing, which is a critical component in any venture that ultimately leads to growth. 


The company has been in existence for over two decades, with Krishen Iyer at the helm of MAIS Consulting Group, whose primary role is mentoring companies. After attending one of the top universities in the United States, he acquired knowledge in the administration and development of urban areas. Krishen Iyer started in the insurance sector before branching to what he is currently involved in. He takes his time to understand the different needs of the clients before coming up with a viable solution. 

He encourages the companies to tailor-make products according to consumer needs. Despite his active engagement, he still finds time to engage in sporting activities and spend time with family. He lives by the mantra that it seems impossible until it is done. It keeps him going to explore and help out the different companies in their different growth stages. Krishen Iyer has extensive knowledge in the Asian market, having a profound cultural interaction. The command is instrumental in driving companies to their desired outcomes and becoming giant forces in various industries.